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Why is it important to be covered for both the coronavirus and vector borne diseases as well?

India is still one of worst affected countries when it comes to the COVID-19. (1)
Vector borne diseases account for 17% of all infectious diseases and leads to up to 700,000 deaths every year, worldwide! (2)
India has a long history of malaria due to both its large population and climatic conditions. 2018 alone saw 429,928 cases of malaria and 96 malaria deaths! (3)

What’s great about Digit’s Health Insurance covering COVID-19 and Vector Borne diseases?

  • Individual cover for each family member: Everyone needs adequate protection, that’s why this policy can be bought for each individual member of your family.
  • No room rent capping: Everyone has different preferences, and we understand that. That’s why, there is no limit on room rent or ICU room rent either. Choose any room you like.
  • Customize your sum insured: Everyone’s requirements aren’t the same. That’s why we give you the option to choose your sum insured based on your personal requirements! 
  • Minimum waiting period: There is only a minimum waiting period of 15-days for this policy, from the date of the start of the policy.
  • Simple, and digital-friendly: Right from the process of buying this health insurance policy to making your claims is seamlessly simple and online.

What’s covered under this policy?

This cover is filed with the regulator, IRDAI, under their Sandbox Regulations. Formation of Group for the Purpose of Group Insurance; 442/IRDAI/HLT/GEN/GOD-SB/2019-20

Hospitalization for the COVID-19, Dengue, Malaria, Filariasis (Payable only once in a Lifetime), Kala Azar, Chikungunya, Japanese Encephalitis, and the Zika Virus.

Pre-hospitalization expenses, up to 30 days

Post hospitalization expenses, up to 60 days

Road ambulance charges (1% of your chosen SI, up to Rs 5,000)

Second medical opinion is covered

What’s not covered?

We believe in transparency, and don’t want you to face any last-minute surprises. So here’s what you should know too – on what is not covered in this policy.

Hospitalization is only applicable if the insured tests positive for the COVID-19 or any of other 7 vector borne diseases.

There is an initial waiting period of 15-days from the date of policy inception.

Symptomatic treatment in the absence of a positive test report is not covered.

Testing for COVID-19 done in any center apart from ICMR, National Institute of Virology Pune, or any authorized test center of India is not covered.

Treatment outside India is not covered.

Any pre-existing conditions (whether declared or not declared) is not covered.

Insured members should not be suffering/suffered from respiratory-related symptoms like severe cough, respiratory distress, breathlessness from the last 2 weeks. Additionally, insured member(s) should not be suffering from diabetes, hypertension, diseases related to heart/lungs/liver, cancer, stroke, or any condition that needs ongoing medication and are not due for any medical treatment.

Hospitalization expenses for any other diseases apart from the COVID-19 and the 7 vector-borne diseases are not covered in this specific policy.

Insured members already suffering with any symptoms or being treated for any of the 7 vector borne diseases or covid-19 at the time of buying this policy will not be covered.

Insured member Quarantined due to COVID-19 or has been treated/tested positive for COVID-19 will not be covered.

Home hospitalization is not covered in this policy.

Which Vector Borne diseases does this policy cover?

Things you should know about this policy

FAQs about Health Insurance for Vector Borne Diseases & COVID