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Is there any Maternity Health Insurance without any Waiting Period?

When to Buy a Health Insurance with Maternity Benefit Cover

Why you Should Plan Ahead for Health Insurance with Maternity Benefit Cover

Here are the top reasons why you should plan ahead for Health Insurance with Maternity Benefit Cover:

✔️ Maternity Benefit Cover comes with a waiting period of 9 months to 6 years
✔️ A pregnant individual cannot purchase Maternity Benefit Cover. There is no benefit even if purchased in advance but within the waiting period tenure. Hence, it should be taken much prior, to cover the waiting period
✔️ The average cost to deliver a baby in most urban cities is at least Rs 50,000 to Rs 70,000. It becomes a costly affair without Maternity Benefit Cover, and why incur the expense when there is an option of coverage available? Just plan it timely.
✔️ Most couples in India are apprehensive about parenthood due to the financial responsibilities that come with it. Leave the apprehensions behind and just plan the Maternity and Child Benefit Cover in time to cover your expenses for the same.

Who Should Buy Health Insurance with Maternity Benefit Cover

In general, any individual or couple that wishes to embrace parenthood should consider buying maternity and child benefit coverage, the critical keyword here being “timely”. Depending on various factors, maternity benefit cover should be purchased by:

✔️ Couples who plan to go on their family way in a two years’ time (or sooner if your policy provides so).
✔️ Couples who have a child and plan to have another in a few years’ time.
✔️ Couples who plan to get married soon and embrace parenthood soon after. In such a case, at least one of the partners should consider buying maternity benefit cover pretty much in advance. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions About Waiting Period in Maternity Benefit Cover)