Renew Expired Bike Insurance Online

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Renew Expired Two-wheeler Insurance Online

Perhaps it’s true, that it’s an extremely joyful moment to own a two-wheeler. But at the same time, it is also important to keep this valuable property safe by every possible means. Bike insurance is one such step that helps you protect your two-wheeler from any misfortunes such as thefts, accidents, and damages caused by natural or man-made calamities. Therefore, it is essential that every bike owner has a bike insurance in place.

In India, having at least a third-party two-wheeler insurance is mandatory and you must purchase the same immediately after you’ve got your two-wheeler. All two-wheeler insurances comply on their own terms and conditions, after which the insurance policy becomes obsolete. Therefore, it is highly recommended to renew your insurance before the date of expiry. But in most cases, we see that most bike owners don’t remember the date of expiry and the bike insurance expires before renewal. In such cases, you can still renew expired two-wheeler insurance online or offline.

What happens when your Two-wheeler Insurance expires?

It is important to ensure your bike throughout your life since it helps you protect your bike against a variety of risks associated with the bike at all times.

Pay the cost of damage - when the two-wheeler policy lapses, the bike no longer remains insured. Say if an accident occurs at that point in time then, the owner will have to bear the total cost of repair and damage- both of oneself or a third-party.

Penalized by Traffic Police - Moreover, the traffic police can penalize you for driving a two-wheeler with an expired insurance policy as it’s illegal to ride on Indian roads without a valid insurance policy.

Loss of No Claim Bonus - If your insurance policy has already expired, you won’t be able to avail the no claim bonus benefit.

Hence, you should always check the expiry date of your bike insurance policy and in case it has already expired, you should immediately renew the expired bike insurance policy without further delay.

How to Renew Expired Bike Insurance Online

Nowadays, renewing a two-wheeler insurance policy is no more stringent as it used to be five years ago. You can now renew an expired two-wheeler insurance policy online that accomplishes the renewal process in an easy and lesser time process. The Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority of India have observed that most people do not renew their two-wheeler insurance policy on time and moreover don’t even realize when their policy expires. That’s why you now have the option to renew your policy before its expiry date.

You can also instead go for a multi-year two-wheeler insurance policy whereby you purchase the insurance for three or five years as well.

So, how does one go about it anyway? Here’s how you can renew an expired two-wheeler insurance online in two ways:

Renew Expired Two-wheeler policy on Digit:

To renew an insurance policy through Digit, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit Digit’s bike insurance renewal page.
  • Fill your two-wheeler details and proceed by clicking on Get Quote button. Ensure that you have entered all correct and up-to-date information.
  • Select the type of policy you want i.e. Third-party policy or Comprehensive policy
  • Select the right add-ons for your two-wheeler (optional)
  • Share the required details and make a payment
  • Once the payment is completed you will get a digital policy in the form of a PDF and your Third-Party Policy will immediately be activated. However, you will be asked to take pictures/videos of your two-wheeler for initial inspection, after the approval of the same your complete policy (including own damages) will be activated as well.
  • Download the PDF for the digital copy and keep it secure :)

Renew Expired Two-wheeler policy offline:

If you’re not comfortable with the online renewal policy of two-wheelers, you can choose to visit the nearest branch of your desired insurance service provider too.

  • Visit your nearest insurance service provider, or get in touch with an insurance agent.
  • Visit your nearest insurance service provider, or get in touch with an insurance agent.
  • Submit the necessary documents.
  • Make the required payment.
  • The respective representative will verify your documents and other details after which he’ll hand over your policy document and renewal receipt.