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Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal Online After Expiry

What happens when your Two Wheeler Insurance expires?

It is important to ensure your bike throughout your life since it helps you protect your bike against a variety of risks associated with the bike at all times.

Pay the cost of losses & damages

If your two-wheeler insurance has expired and something happens to it post the expiry date, then you will have to pay for its losses and damages yourself. Even if you’re not using your two-wheeler during this lockdown, it is still prone to damages and losses that could occur due to instances such as overheating of the vehicle, theft of the bike or parts of it, damages caused if something hits the bike while parked, etc.

Penalized by Traffic Police

If you’ve forgotten to renew your two-wheeler insurance and the police catches you, you will be penalised with a fee of Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000.  That’s a real bummer, considering it takes way less than that, starting Rs 750 (depending on your type of two-wheeler) to cover for it! 

Loss of No Claim Bonus

If you’ve never made a bike insurance claim whilst your policy was active earlier, and you don’t renew it on or before time, then you lose out on your no claim bonus! This means, no renewal discounts on your bike insurance premium.

Go through inspection all over again!

When you buy a bike insurance, specifically a comprehensive or own damage cover then there is a process of self-inspection involved before your policy is activated. If you don’t renew your bike insurance policy on time, you’ll have to go through the inspection process again, which means it’s only going to take longer to renew your policy! 

How to Renew Expired Bike Insurance Online?

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