Roadside Assistance

Get Motor Insurance with Roadside Assistance Cover.

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What is Roadside Assistance?

What is included in Roadside Assistance Cover?

Let’s look at where all roadside assistance in your car insurance policy can cover your back or what all is included in a Roadside Assistance cover:

Flat Battery: Making an alternate arrangement so that your car starts moving.If the battery needs to be changed, the car insurance company will take care of the repair costs, although you need to pay for the new battery
Spare Key: Arranging for pickup and delivery of spare keys or providing unlocking services by a vehicle technician, is provided by the car insurance company
Flat Tyre: Getting a technician to repair/replace the tyre, or arranging to take the tyre to the nearest repair facility. If the tyre needs to be changed, you will have to pay for it although the repair costs will be borne by the car insurance company
Minor Repairs: Providing you with telephonic assistance for a solution, or sending a technician to carry out the repairs.
Towing Service: Arranging for a towing service to the nearest Digit Authorized Repair Shop, in case of irreparable breakdown or an accident is also covered in the car insurance policy.
Urgent Message Relay to Relatives: Arranging to send an urgent message to anyone requested by you, through available means of communication.
Fuel Assistance: Arranging for the supply of up to 5 litres of fuel (the fuel is chargeable) if your car has run out of fuel, or arranging for towing to the nearest garage in case of immobilization due to contaminated fuel.

So, what should you look for in a roadside assistance cover?

You should look for the service benefits that your insurer will provide in case your car breaks down, how easy it is to contact the insurer, how available they are and the distance till which they cover from the city.

Digit’s Car Insurance policy comes with a roadside assistance add-on that takes care of the convenience and labour costs. We serve you up to 500 kms from your city (unlike others covering only 100 kms). Our heart and our roadside assistance cover are filled with love for you. 😊

You must be thinking now if you should be buying a roadside assistance cover with your vehicle insurance.

The answer is yes, you should! Next time you think about a road trip, car breakdown should be the last thing on your mind!

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