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What is 24X7 Roadside Assistance?

What is Covered in a RSA Cover - Let’s dive into the details

We’re already given you a gist of what all is covered under RSA in your car insurance or bike insurance. However, it’s also vital that you understand the details within your coverages, so you clearly understand the benefits of a roadside or breakdown assistance cover.

Flat Battery

This is dedicated for times when your car or two-wheeler is at a halt due to issues in your battery. In this case, your RSA cover will be there for you, including paying for all labor and conveyance costs involved. 

Spare Keys

Whether you like it or not, people lose their car keys more often than they’d think they do! In such tricky situations when you're stuck out of nowhere without your keys, your roadside assistance cover would arrange for pickup and delivery of your spare keys or, in the meanwhile also help unlock your car with the help of technicians.

Flat Tyre

We’ve all had a flat tyre at some point in life! God forbid you are stranded with your vehicle due to a flat tyre and have nowhere else to turn for help, your Roadside Assistance cover will benefit you by arranging for the right technicians to replace and help you out with a spare tyre.

Minor Repairs

Sometimes, things happen and you’re just left out there wondering why your car or bike won’t start anymore! For unfortunate situations like that your Roadside Assistance could benefit you by providing for the repairs required at the need of the hour.

Towing Facility

In the case of serious cases where your vehicle can’t be repaired on spot and is required to be sent out to a workshop or garage for servicing, your roadside assistance cover would benefit you by providing you with the required Towing Facility.

Urgent Message Relay to Relatives

In an unfortunate case where you need to inform your relatives with an urgent message of the situation, we will take care of the same! 

Medical Coordination

In unfortunate situations where not only your vehicle, but even you end up getting into trouble due to an accident midway, your Roadside Assistance cover would also help coordinating with the nearest medical center so that your medical needs are well taken care of. 

Fuel Assistance

It happens to the best of us! Before you realize it, your fuel tank is already exhausted! In such cases, your cover would help you by arranging for up to 5 litres of fuel to the location you’re stuck at! 

Exclusions and Other Things to keep in mind for Roadside Assistance

Who should take Roadside Assistance cover?

  • If you have a car or bike that is less than 5 years, then you should most definitely opt for a roadside assistance in your comprehensive car or bike insurance policy so that your brand new vehicle is always well maintained and protected for in all possible situations.
  • If you’re someone who travels often, opting for a 24x7 roadside assistance is a good idea. You never know when you may just need some help along one of your journeys! 
  • Some people can make it through small mishaps while some of us can’t! So, if you are someone who can’t seem to imagine getting even minor repairs done to your two-wheeler or car amidst a breakdown or the like, then getting a Roadside Assistance add-on in your policy will be your guardian angel! 

FAQs about 24X7 Roadside Assistance Cover in Motor Insurance