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Commercial Vehicle Insurance for Heavy Vehicles

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What is a Heavy Vehicle Insurance?

A heavy vehicle insurance is a type of a commercial vehicle insurance policy specifically for the purpose of covering for heavy duty vehicles such as bulldozers, cranes, lorries, trailers, etc. A basic, third-party heavy vehicle insurance covers for any damages and losses caused to a third-party due to the vehicle, whereas a comprehensive heavy vehicle insurance would also help cover for own damages along with additional covers for maximum protection.

Types of Heavy Vehicles

In India, there are many different types of heavy-duty vehicles, here are some of the most common ones, all of which can be covered under our Commercial Vehicle Insurance, such as:

  • Bulldozers - Heavy duty vehicles mainly used in the process of construction, to move soil and sand forward.  The same can be covered under a heavy vehicle insurance.
  • Cranes - Cranes are commonly used for construction as well and could be insured by a commercial vehicle insurance for heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Backhoe Digger - Backhoe diggers are one of the most common types of heavy-duty vehicles used in India, especially in the process of construction.
  • Trailers - Trailers of all kinds are commonly used in India to transport goods and materials across different industries. The same can be covered for under a heavy-duty commercial insurance.
  • Lorries - Tipper trucks and lorries are frequently used in India, mainly for the purpose of transporting large number of goods from one place to another.

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Why choose a Heavy Commercial Vehicle Insurance by Digit?

We treat our customers like VIPs, know how…

Customize your Vehicle IDV

Customize your Vehicle IDV

With us, you can customize your vehicle IDV as per your choice!

24*7 Support

24*7 Support

24*7 call facility even on National Holidays

Super-Fast claims

Smartphone enabled self-inspection processes takes minutes!

What's covered in a Heavy Vehicle Insurance?



Damages and losses caused to the heavy-duty vehicle due to an accident.



Any damages and losses caused to the heavy-duty vehicle in the case of a theft.



Any damages or losses caused to the heavy-duty vehicle in an unfortunate case of fire.

Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

Any damages and losses caused to your vehicle due to floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities.

Personal Accident

Personal Accident

Covers for any personal injuries or death of the owner-driver of the vehicle.

Third Party Losses

Third Party Losses

Covers for losses and damages caused to a third-party vehicle, property or person due to the insured heavy-duty vehicle, in the case of an accident or collision.

Towing Disabled Vehicles

Towing Disabled Vehicles

Covers for any damages caused to your vehicle in cases where it's being towed.

What’s not covered?

It is equally important to know what’s not covered in your heavy vehicle insurance policy so that there are no surprises when you make a claim. Here are some such situations:

Own Damages for Third-Party Policy holder

If you’re only going to go for a Third-Party Commercial Insurance for your commercial vehicle, then own damages and losses won’t be covered. 

Drunk Driving, or Driving Without a valid License

If during a claim, the driver-owner is found to be driving the insured vehicle without a valid driver’s license or under the influence of alcohol then the claim can’t be approved.

Contributory Negligences

Any damages or losses caused to the heavy-duty vehicle due to contributory negligence won’t be covered for. For example, if there are existing floods in the city, and one still takes the tractor out. 

Consequential Damages

Consequential damages is any damages or losses that aren’t a direct result of an accident, natural calamity or fire can’t be covered for.

Key Features of Heavy Vehicle Insurance by Digit

Key Features

Digit Benefit

Claim Process

Paperless Claims

Customer Support

24x7 Support

Additional Coverage

PA Covers, Legal Liability Cover, Special Exclusions and Compulsory Deductibles, etc

Damages to Third-Party

Unlimited Liability for Personal Damages, Up to 7.5 Lakhs for Property/Vehicle Damages

Types of Heavy Vehicle Insurance Plans

Based on the type of your heavy-duty vehicle and number of vehicles you want to insure, we offer two primary plans you can choose from.

Liability Only

Standard Package


How to claim?

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Why should I buy a Heavy Vehicle Insurance?

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