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Buy Truck Insurance Online

To protect your Truck with a secure and customized insurance plan, email us at

Why do you need a Truck Insurance?

  • If you’re running a business, chances are you have at least one or more trucks as part of your operations. Given that it’s part of your company assets, it’s important that it is protected and covered for, so you or your business don’t face unplanned losses in the case of unforeseen and unfortunate situations.
  • Having a truck insurance in place means your business will be covered in the case of any financial losses faced due to and by your truck. This also means you’ll avoid any possible downtime, maintain a profit margin and can instead spend money on your business growth.
  • As a mandate by law, it is compulsory to at least have a Liability Only policy in place, that protects third parties against any damages and losses that could be caused by your truck. However, given the risks trucks can be faced with, it’s always better to have a standard package policy that will protect your own truck and the driver as well.

Why Digit Truck Insurance?

We treat our customers like VIPs, know how…

Super-Fast claims

90.4% claims settled in 30 days, with superfast claim process

24*7 Support

24*7 call facility even on National Holidays

Car With Amber Protective Cover

High IDV per rupee

With us, you can customize your IDV as per your choice!

What is Covered in Truck Insurance?



  • Damages caused to the truck in case of an accident


  • Loss or damage to the truck due to theft


  • Damages caused to your truck due to a fire
Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

  • Damages caused to your truck due to any natural calamity
Personal Accident

Personal Accident

  • If there is an accident of your truck, leading to an injury or death of the driver
Third Party Losses

Third Party Losses

  • Any damages caused by your truck to a third-party person, vehicle or property
Towing Disabled Vehicles

Towing Disabled Vehicles

  • Any damages caused by your truck during vehicle towing

What's Not Covered

If the driver of the claimed truck is drunk or driving without a valid license 
Any damage that is not a direct result of the accident/natural calamity etc 
Any damage caused due to a contributory negligence of the driver (such as driving when there’s an existing flood)  
Some situations are covered in add-ons. If you haven’t bought those add-ons, those benefits can’t be covered (for example, tyre damage is only covered if it were damaged during an accident/natural calamity/etc, in other cases an add-on for the same can be bought) 

Types of Truck Insurance Plans

Based on your type of truck and requirements, we primarily offer two policies. However, considering the risk and use of trucks, it’s recommended to take a Standard Package Policy that will financially protect your own truck, and the driver using it as well.


Liability Only Policy

Standard Package Policy

Damages caused by your truck to any third-party person or property



Damages caused by your truck to a third-party car (while towing or due to an accident)



Loss or damages to own truck due to natural calamities, fire, theft or accidents

Not Covered


Injury/death of truck driver

Not Covered



Breakdown Assistance Cover - This add-on provides 24x7 assistance for your truck, up to 500 km from the city. This add-on can be extremely beneficial especially if your truck is being used to transport goods or deliver packages. In case of a sudden breakdown, we’ll be there in a jiffy and you can be ensured that your business won't be on halt for long! 
Return to Invoice Add-On - In case your truck is new and gets damaged beyond repair or is stolen, this add-on makes sure you are insured the last invoice value of your truck (this means, it doesn’t account for any depreciation). Additionally, we also provide for the new registration and road tax of the new truck to be bought. This makes for a beneficial add-on for new trucks opting for a truck insurance.

Zero Depreciation/Bumper-Bumper Add-On - Generally, every truck and its parts depreciates/decreases in value. This includes parts such as the bumper, metal or fiber parts of the truck. In case of a damage- depreciation is deducted from the claim money. However, having this add-on considers zero depreciation and you get to have the full value of the cost of repair/replacement. This add-on is extremely beneficial for trucks that are less than 5 years old. 
Tyre Protect Cover - This add-on covers common scenarios where an accidental damage happens only to your tyre alone; such as tyre bursts, bulges and cuts. 
Engine & Gear-Box Protection Add-On - This add-on covers damages of your truck’s engine and gear box that may not be caused at the time of an accident. 

How to Claim?

Call us at 1800-103-4448 or drop us an email at

Keep your details such as policy number, location of the accident, date & time of the accident, and contact number of the insured/caller handy to make our process easier.

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