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10 Best Trucks Models Under ₹20 Lakhs in India in 2024

List of Best Trucks Under ₹20 Lakhs in India

Below is a list of the most popular tractors widely used for agricultural purposes in India, along with their approximate price tags. 

Truck Model

Ex-Showroom Price (Delhi)

Tata 709g LPT

Starting ₹ 11.66 Lakhs

Eicher Pro 2059

Starting ₹14.11 Lakhs

Tata 1212 Lpt Tubeless

Starting ₹14.54 Lakhs

TATA T.7 Ultra

Starting ₹15.29 Lakhs

TATA Winger 12 Seater Tempo Traveler

Starting ₹16.50 Lakhs

BharatBenz 1015R

Starting ₹17.05 Lakhs

Eicher Pro 2095XP

Starting ₹17.16 Lakhs

Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1015 HE

Starting ₹17.53 Lakhs

Ashok Leyland BOSS 1115 HB

Starting ₹18.06 Lakhs

Tata 912 LPK

Starting ₹18.64 Lakhs

Top Trucks Under ₹20 Lakhs in India

FAQs about Trucks Under ₹20 Lakhs In India