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What is Third Party Car Insurance?

Important Statistics about Third-Party Car Insurance in India

Here are some important statistics about third-party car insurance in India:

Third-party insurance is mandatory for every car owner in India, which has led to a 14.44% increase in the third-party insurance premium in 2022-23. It grew to ₹49,508 crore from ₹43,260 crore in 2021-22.
As per the General Insurance Council of India 2021-22 Report, the number of car insurance third-party policies sold accounted for 26.8% of the total insurance market segment. 
While the share of incurred claims for third-party car insurance was 39.9%, the maximum among two-wheelers and commercial vehicles.

What’s Covered in a Third Party Car Insurance?

Personal Damage to Third Party

Personal Damage to Third Party

For those unfortunate situations when your car causes any physical injuries and in the worst case, death to a third-party person. Your third-party car insurance covers for all the expenses and losses that may arise due to the same.

Property Damage Compensation

Damages to Third-Party Property/Vehicle

Everyone makes mistakes. This one covers for you if your car damages someone else’s vehicle, house or property up to 7.5 lakhs.

Personal Damage to Owner/Driver

Personal Accident Cover for Owner-Driver

If you don’t already have a Personal Accident Cover, this cover can be included in your Third-Party Car Insurance to protect you from losses that could arise if you are physically injured due to an accident.

What’s not Covered in Third Party Car Insurance?

It is equally important to know what’s not covered in your Third party car insurance policy so that there are no surprises when you make a claim. Here are some such situations:

Own Damages

In the case of a third-party car insurance policy, damages to your own car won’t be covered.

Drunk Driving or without a Licence

Your third-party car insurance won’t cover for you in situations where you were driving drunk or without a valid four-wheeler license.

Driving without a valid Driving Licence holder

If you hold a learner’s license and were driving without a valid driving license-holder in the front passenger seat - then your claim in those situations won’t be covered.

Key Features of Third Party Car Insurance by Digit

Key Features

Digit Benefit


Starting from ₹2,094/-

Buying Process

Smartphone-enabled process. Can be done in 5 minutes!

Personal Damages to Third-Party

Unlimited Liability

Property Damages to Third-Party

Up to 7.5 lakhs

Personal Accident Cover

Up to 15 lakhs

Personal Accident Cover Premium


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Deepak Kotian

Excellent service it was paperless claim register and settlements. Thank you, Mr.Aravind Reddy & team, for your support & quick response. Highly recommend Go digit Car insurance for their professionalism & commitment.

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Types of Car Insurance Plans in India

Third-Party vs Comprehensive vs Own Damage Car Insurance Policy

Check out the major differences between Third-Party, Comprehensive and Own Damage Car Insurance Policy to know which suits you the best.

Coverage  Third-Party  Comprehensive  Own Damage 
Damages/Losses to own car due to an accident  ×  ✔  ✔ 
Damages/Losses to own car in case of fire  ×  ✔  ✔ 
Damages/Losses to own car in case of a natural calamity  ×  ✔  ✔ 
Damages to Third-Party Vehicle  ✔  ✔  × 
Damages to Third-Party Property  ✔  ✔  × 
Personal Accident Cover  ✔  ✔  × 
Injuries/Death of a Third-Party Person  ✔  ✔  × 
Theft of your car  ×  ✔  ✔ 
Doorstep Pick-Up & Drop  ×  ✔  ✔ 
Customize your IDV  ×  ✔  ✔ 
Extra protection with customized add-ons  ×  ✔  ✔ 

How to Claim for a Third Party Car Insurance?

Things to Consider When Making a Third-Party Car Insurance Claim

Third Party Premium for Old Four-Wheelers

Unlike a Comprehensive Car Insurance Premium Calculator, a Third-Party Car Insurance Premium Calculator is only dependent on your engine cc and the respective premiums are predetermined by the IRDAI

Private cars with engine capacity

Premium rate (effective 1st June 2022)

Not exceeding 1000cc


Exceeding 1000cc but not exceeding 1500cc


Exceeding 1500cc


Third Party Premium for New Four-Wheelers (3-year Single Premium policy)

Private cars with engine capacity

Premium rate (effective 1st June 2022)

Not exceeding 1000cc


Exceeding 1000cc but not exceeding 1500cc


Exceeding 1500cc


Premiums for New Electric Vehicle (EV) Four-Wheeler (3–year Single Premium policy)

Vehicle kilowatt capacity (KW)

Premium rate (effective 1st June 2022)

Not exceeding 30KW


Exceeding 30KW but not exceeding 65KW


Exceeding 65KW


How to Buy Third-Party Car Insurance Policy with Digit?

Step 1

On the Digit app or website, enter car’s registration number and click on ‘View Prices’.

Step 2

Select the plan, additional coverages, and click on ‘Continue.’

Step 3

Enter your personal and vehicle details, and click on ‘Pay Now.’

Step 4

Complete the payment and mandatory KYC verification process.

Step 5

You’re done! You’ll receive the policy document via email, SMS and WhatsApp. Also, you can access it 24X7 on the Digit App.

Documents Required to Buy Third-Party Insurance Online

Advantages of a Third Party Car Insurance

Saves Time & Effort

Thanks to technology, buying a third-party car insurance online will take you barely a few minutes. All you need is your basic car details (car registration number/car make and model) and id proof (Aadhar/PAN) and your policy will be emailed to you!  

Covers Third-Party Person in case of Personal Damages

In an unfortunate case where while driving, you get into an accident and hurt someone physically, or in the worst case- cause one’s death. In this case, your third-party car insurance covers the losses of the same, up to unlimited liability. 

Covers for Third-Party Property or Vehicle Damages

In the case where you damage one’s property or vehicle, your third-party car insurance will cover for their losses, up to 7.5 lakhs! 

Protects you in case of any physical injuries

In case you don’t already have a personal accident cover from any other policy (such as your health insurance), a third-party car insurance lets you opt for the same so you can protect yourself too in case you get into an accident that leads to permanent disability or death. 

Protects you from Unexpected Losses

With so many cars on the road, and the amount of traffic- mistakes tend to happen. In times when you’re at fault and your car hurts someone or their vehicle/property- the expenses to pay for damages will be covered by your third-party car insurance policy so you don’t have to bear unexpected losses. 

Enables you to drive legally

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, every car owner should at least have a third-party car insurance. If you’d like to protect your car further, you can also go for a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy, which includes coverage for third-party liabilities and protection for your own car. 

Protects you from traffic penalties and fines

If you’re found on the road without at least a third-party car insurance, you will be liable for a fine of Rs 2,000 and/or up to three months in prison. 

Disadvantages of a Third Party Car Insurance

Doesn’t Cover Own Damages

Unfortunately, a third-party car insurance will not cover for damages and losses to your own car.  

Doesn’t Cover for Natural Calamities

A third-party car insurance won’t cover for damages to your four-wheeler in case of any natural calamities.

No Customized Plans

A third-party car insurance is the most basic plan available for your four-wheeler and cannot be customized further with additional benefits and covers. However, you can do so with a comprehensive car insurance.

Which Car Insurance Policy is Best for You?

FAQs about Third Party Car Insurance in India