Add-On Covers in Car Insurance

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What is Add-On Cover in Car Insurance?

Add-on Covers in Car Insurance by Digit

Zero Depreciation cover

In majority of the cases, it is the car owner who pays for the depreciation and replacement of new spare parts, after an accident. However, if one wants this expenditure to be covered by the insurance company, one needs to buy the Nil or Zero Depreciation add-on to avail the benefits of this cover along with the existing insurance plan. The Nil or Zero depreciation plan covers repair and replacement costs of rubber, plastic and fibre components of the vehicle.

Consumable cover

At the time of claims, usually consumables like oil, nuts and bolts etc. are not covered under insurance. With this add on, you can save on all those consumables that will be covered however small they might be! This add on covers expenses towards consumables which are unfit for further use, arising out of damage due to an accident.

Return to Invoice cover

This is probably a motorist’s worst nightmare- when your car is destroyed beyond repair! In other words, totaled in an unimaginable mishap. Thankfully there’s some conciliation is such extreme cases. Insurance companies will refund the complete value/amount mentioned on the invoice. Read more about RTI in Car Insurance.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance add-on assists you in situations where you need help on the road with your car. The service offers many benefits from getting your set of wheels fixed on the spot to towing or taxi service to help you reach your destination. Roadside Assistance is usually provided to anyone who is stranded anywhere within the radius of 500km from the middle of the city.

Engine Protection cover

In a standard car insurance policy, only damages that occurred during the accident are covered. However, many times your engine could have consequential damages too, after the accident. This add-on helps you protect for damages caused due to that. Such as for the damages that could arise due to leakage of lubricating oil or times when water enters the engine due to natural calamities. 

Tyre Protection cover

Tyres are the shoes of your set of wheels and endure immense torture, more so considering the road conditions in India. So, getting tyre protection cover makes complete sense, for modern day tyres don’t come cheap. In fact, a single run flat tyre that comes on top end cars can cos you 1+ lac rupees! And tyre damage can occur when we least expect it and can least afford it.

Passenger cover

This cover ensures the protection of your family and loved ones. For, god forbid, you meet with an accident where you and your near and dear are injured, this cover will ensure that, apart from you, your beloved are covered too and will receive all the necessary financial support till they recuperate, lest we say reducing the emotional stress on you too.