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Difference between Comprehensive and Zero Depreciation Insurance

Difference between Comprehensive policy vs Zero dep Insurance policy

Comprehensive policy with Zero Dep cover

Comprehensive policy without Zero dep cover

Premium amount

Slightly higher than a normal comprehensive policy

Lower than a policy with the Zero Dep addon

Claim settlement amount

Higher as depreciation is not considered

Lower as depreciation is considered for all body parts that need to be repaired

Repairing of Plastic parts

With the Zero Dep addon, no depreciation is considered for such parts

50% depreciation on such parts are considered before paying the claim

Age of the covered car

With Zero Dep addon, the depreciation rates are considered as nil

With age, the depreciation of your car keeps increasing and will not be covered in the claim

So, a Comprehensive policy without a Zero-Depreciation is ideal if your car is brand new or you think you are going to buy a new one very soon. And a Comprehensive policy with a Zero-Depreciation add on is ideal if you do not want any bummers at the time of claims, and don’t want to spend a penny from your pocket in case of an emergency.

Benefit of taking Zero Depreciation Cover