Key Replacement Add-on Cover

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What is Key Replacement Add-on Cover in Car Insurance?

Why is it important to use the Key and Lock Replacement Add-on Cover?

What is covered under Digit’s Car Insurance Key and Lock Protect Add-on Cover?

Loss of Insured Vehicle’s Keys

The car key replacement insurance add-on cover enables the insurer to get compensation for the cost incurred as part of the lost key cover of the vehicle’s key in case of theft or burglary or accidental loss during the policy period. However, the policyholder shall report the theft or burglary  immediately or within three days of the incident and lodge an FIR with the police to obtain a crime reference and lost property report.

Installation of New Lockset

In case the lockset of the insured vehicle needs to be replaced, the insurer will indemnify the cost incurred for the installation of the new lockset, provided there is a security risk arising out of incidence of lost keys for the vehicle. The charges incurred for the locksmith are also included in the cover. It needs to be mentioned here that the replaced lockset should be of the same make, model, and specification as the one for which the claim is being made. 

Key and Lock Repairing Cost

If the insured vehicle is broken and damaged, the insurer will compensate you for the expenses incurred for repairing or replacing the lockset, including locksmith charges. 

What is not covered?

FAQs About Key Replacement Add-on Cover in Car Insurance