Home Insurance

What is a Home Insurance?

A home insurance is a customized property insurance policy designed to cover for your own home or rented apartment, and your personal belongings within, from unforeseen circumstances such as burglaries, fires, floods, storms and explosions. 

Buying a house is one of the most vital investments people spend all their life working towards. Yet, there are so many people who forget to secure and protect for this very important investment in their life. From your cutting-edge gadgets and beautiful interiors to your jewelry and other valuable belongings; your home is more than just its mere physical property and is a lot more valuable than you imagine it to be.

That’s why, one of the most essential things you could do for the wellbeing and safety of your home is at least get a home insurance that would allow you to stay secured and covered for in the case of uncertain and unfortunate circumstances such as burglaries, floods, fires, and earthquakes amongst other likely, but unforeseen circumstances. 

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Why should I get a Home Insurance?

If you’re still confused about the need for a home insurance, read on...

2,44,119 cases of robbery, burglary, dacoity, etc. took place in residential premises, in India. (1)
2017 saw an increase of 40% in loss of property stolen from residential premises in India. (2)

70% of India’s Thefts are Home Thefts. (3)

What’s great about Digit’s Home Insurance Policy?

  • Value for Money - When we think of Home Insurance, we think of it as an expensive affair. After all, it’s about protecting one of your most prized possessions! Fret not though, we not only ensure your home is covered for but, make sure that it is affordable for you and your pocket! 
  • Digital Friendly, all the way! - One of the things people often wary about in insurance is paperwork and that’s exactly what we’ve gotten rid of with our online home insurance! With Digit, everything from buying a home insurance policy to making claims is simple and can be done online! (Note: Claims above 1 lakh will need manual inspection as per the IRDAI).
  • Separate Jewelry Protection Add-on - One of the things all women worry about at home! While you probably use bank lockers to keep your jewelry safe, you can now do so for your daily jewelry items at the comfort of your home too, by opting for our Jewelry Protection add-on in your home insurance policy. 
  • Customized Plans for Renters - Millennials are shaping the rental economy and we understand that! That’s why, it doesn’t matter if you own a home or not, your place can still be protected with our customized home insurance for home renters. 
  • Unique Holiday Home Protection Plan - Our homes are most at risk when we’re away! While we believe your home should be protected at all times nevertheless, we offer customized home protection plans for those wishing to protect their homes for a short period of time, with our holiday home protection plan. 
  • 24x7 Customer Support - Emergencies come unannounced and can happen at any point in time! That’s why, we’ll always be just a ring away, no matter what time or day it is! 

What’s Covered in Home Insurance by Digit?



Fires are dreadful and can lead to plenty of damage and losses to both your home and your belongings. Our home insurance policy will be there for you in such unfortunate situations!

Explosion & Aircraft Damage

Explosion & Aircraft Damage

Damages and losses caused by explosions or even aircraft damage will be covered for too in our house insurance.



Covers your house and your belongings from dire storms that could lead to potential damages and losses.



Protects your house from losses and damages when the rains are out of control, leading to floods that impact your home and your belongings.



Unfortunately, burglaries are so common in India, especially in residential premises! However, your house insurance will help protect both your home and its contents from any losses that occur due to the same.



Nobody can avoid nature’s furies but, what you can do is ensure you’re covered for any potential losses that could come your way due to the same. A house insurance also covers for damages and losses that occur due to earthquakes.

Types of Home Insurance Plans

Base Plan

Smart Plan

Comfort Plan

Covers for only the contents (i.e personal belongings) within your home.

Covers for both your building and the contents of your home.

Covers everything from your house’s property and the contents within your home, and valuables such as jewelry too can be protected by opting for an add-on cover.

Things to know about Home Insurance

  • Building/Structure - In a home insurance, building refers to the physical aspect of your house; such as your windows, ceiling, building, etc. In all home insurance plans, your building is covered for. So for instance, if heavy rainfalls destroy your ceiling, your home insurance will cover for it as it is part of your building.
  • Content - Content refers to the personal belongings in your house. So everything from your gadgets to your furniture items too would be covered for in your home insurance. 

What are the advantages of protecting your home with a Home Insurance?

Secured through Uncertainty

Home burglaries can happen anywhere, anytime- even in the most secure places. A home insurance helps you recover from losses that could occur due to such uncertain and unforeseen circumstances.

Complete Financial & Social Security

Contrary to popular belief, a home insurance goes beyond just the physical property of your home. It covers for everything right from your garage to your home’s contents. And boy! is your home expensive! An average 2BHK has contents at least worth Rs 5 lakhs! There is no one to watch your home when you’re out in the day, at work or traveling. That’s why, having a home insurance helps your home stay secure when you’re away.

Protection from Natural Calamities

Floods, storms and the like can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare! And going through the hassle of rebuilding your home and recovering from the damages can not only be stressful but also loss of a lot money! Luckily, having a home insurance can cover you for it all!

Who should get a Home Insurance?

New Homeowners

If you’ve just bought a home recently, getting a home insurance should be at the top of your priority list. After all, you’ve already spent so much money on your newfound abode, the least you can do to stay stay secured financially is get a home insurance. 


Even if you’re renting your house, it doesn’t matter! Your home is still where all your belongings are. From your gadgets to your furniture, all are at risk in case of events such as fires, floods or a robbery. While not all insurers offer home insurance policies for renters, we offer customized policies for the same so everyone can be covered for.

Homes in Low Lying Areas

If you happen to live in areas where instances such as floods are common, a home insurance is almost mandatory! Floods can cause a lot more damage to our homes and belongings than we can imagine and the least we can do to protect ourselves from such damages and losses is to always be covered for! 

Types of Homes Covered

From independent owned homes to rented apartments; a home insurance by Digit is designed to suit all types of houses.

Individual Apartment

This is for those who live in independent flats that are either part of housing societies or standalone buildings. The same could be either a flat owned by you or rented by you. Our customized offerings are suited for both! 

Independent Building

Perhaps you and your extended family live in a standalone building, owning or renting flats in the entire building. In this case, you can choose to cover for them all with a home insurance by Digit.

Independent Villa

If you own or have rented an independent villa or house, a home insurance is vital to protect your villa and its contents from potential risks such as burglaries, floods, storms and other unforeseen circumstances.

Things you should know about Home Insurance

FAQs about Home Insurance in India