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What is IDV in Insurance?

IDV Calculator

Depreciation rates for your Car

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6 months and below


6 months to 1 year


1 year to 2 years


2 years to 3 years


3 years to 4 years


4 years to 5 years


Explain it like I'm five

We're making insurance so simple, now even 5-year-olds can understand it.

You own an expensive watch. One day, you decide to find out how much you would get if you sold it. You take it to a watchmaker. The watchmaker looks at your watch, and explains that it is made of glass, metal, leather and screws. So, he first adds up the cost of those materials. He then asks you how old the watch is, and you tell him that it is 5 years old. He writes that down as well. Based on all of this, he tells you that if you sold your watch, you would get Rs. 500. In this case, Rs. 500 is your IDV.!

FAQs about IDV in Car Insurance