Third Party Insurance for Car

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Third Party Insurance

It’s part of the law. You can’t avoid it. Turns out you can’t understand it either. But, that’s what we’re here for. To make insurance and everything that surrounds it, easier for you. Almost as easy as it is to get answers to peculiar questions on google. At least that's what we’re hoping for 😉

What is Third-Party Insurance for Car?

It's what helmets are to bikers, passports are to international travelers and Schengen visa is to European countries. You simply can’t do without it. It goes beyond the law. It’s illegal and you will likely get into trouble if you don’t have it.

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, every car in India at least needs a Third-Party Car Insurance to be able to drive on Indian roads legally. However, that’s not what should actually worry you. It’s only human to be selfish. Just a little bit, no? A Third-Party Insurance basically covers for all expenses that arise in cases where you (of course, while driving!) happen to damage any third-party. Whether that’s a third-party property, person or even another vehicle itself. So, whether you want to be the good chap in the eyes of law or, want to protect yourself from unplanned, highly possible and super unfortunate expenses...then you essentially require an insurance that covers for third-party damages and losses, i.e a Third-Party Insurance.

Our two cents? - Although just a Third-Party Car Insurance serves the legal purpose, it’s still not enough. Now, we know how much you love your car- so here’s a little bit of an insider insight here- we almost always recommend a Standard/Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy cause it not only covers for the law and third-party damages, but also covers for losses and damages caused to your own car!

What is Covered in Third Party Insurance?

  • Personal Damage to Third-Party - God forbid, someone loses their life or is injured due to your badass driving (or not), your third-party insurance will compensate for all expenses involved. Because life is so precious, there is no limit up to how much will be compensated in this case.
  • Property Damage Compensation - Life is no action movie and if you bump into a property or another vehicle, leading to damages (yes, even hitting a street lamp is counted) you can’t just get away with it. You need to compensate for the loss and luckily, your Third-Party Car Insurance will do that for you, for up to Rs 7 lakhs.
  • Personal Accident Cover - Whether you purchase a Third-Party Car Insurance or a Comprehensive/Standard Car Insurance, it’s essential that you have a personal accident cover. With this cover included, your Third-Party Car Insurance will also cover for your personal injuries in the case of an accident.

How do I make a Claim in a Third-Party Car Insurance?

We’re like the GenZ of today. We’re tech savvy. We hate paperwork. We love our mobile phones to death and we sure as hell love completing our work in a nick of time. So, making a claim with us isn’t that much of a hassle. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Firstly, if you’ve hit a person or their vehicle, they will need to file an FIR after which we’ll come into the picture.
  • In case of other circumstances, you can just reach us at 1800-258-5956 and we’ll do the needful.

And, what do we guys do when you make a Third-Party Insurance claim with us

Guess what? We love claims! And contrary to what people say about the insurance guys, we don’t really live up to all those vague stereotypes and generalizations. We’re nice. Period. We know humility is a thing, but we’re just being honest here 😉 You’re pretty much a friend to us, and what do we do for our friends. Everything that we can do in our capacity.

  • If you ever meet with an accident (hope that never happens!) and you claim for a third-party car insurance with us, we take care of any legal responsibilities arising out of that. That includes advocates, investigations and any verification.
  • If there’s a compensation, we take care of it on your behalf as your third-party car insurance policy comes with unlimited liability cover.
  • If there are no violation of terms, we will try for a non-monetary settlement on your behalf. If the situation arises, Digit Insurance will represent you in court.
  • Most importantly, if you’ve been a good citizen and have admitted your fault for any kind of negligence, your Digit Third Party cover will still hold good.
  • Also, just by the way, you do not lose your NCB, the No Claim Bonus, when you claim under the Third-Party Insurance part of your car insurance policy. (if you have a Standard/Comprehensive Car Insurance)

Well, all that was simple right? You know what they say, understanding is the first step to a good relationship 😊 And we only hope your relationship with us (and insurance in general) only strengthens with each time, with each term simplified.

Explain it like I'm five

We're making insurance so simple, now even 5-year-olds can understand it.

Rohan rides his cycle to school every day. One day, while parking his cycle he accidentally bumps into one of his classmates' cycle. Rohan gets super scared because there are damages to the cycle. He calls his dad for help. His dad talks to his classmate and promises to pay for the repairs. This is quite like what happens if you have a Third-Party Liability Cover! Except we play the role of your dad here 😀