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Third Party Car Insurance: Meaning, Benefits & How it Works

What is Third-Party Insurance for Car?

What is Covered in Third Party Insurance?

Personal Damage to Third-Party

God forbid, someone loses their life or is injured due to your car, your third-party insurance will compensate for all expenses involved. Because life is so invaluable there is no limit up to how much will be compensated in this case.

Property Damage Compensation

Life is no action movie and if you bump into a property or another vehicle, leading to damages (yes, even hitting a street lamp is counted) you can’t just get away with it. You need to compensate for the loss and luckily, your Third-Party Car Insurance will do that for you, for up to Rs 7 lakhs.

Personal Accident Cover

Whether you purchase a Third-Party Car Insurance or a Comprehensive/Standard Car Insurance, it’s essential that you have a personal accident cover. With this cover included, your Third-Party Car Insurance will also cover for your personal injuries in the case of an accident.

How do I make a Claim in a Third-Party Car Insurance?

Explain it like I'm five

Rohan rides his cycle to school every day. One day, while parking his cycle he accidentally bumps into one of his classmates' cycle. Rohan gets super scared because there are damages to the cycle. He calls his dad for help. His dad talks to his classmate and promises to pay for the repairs. This is quite like what happens if you have a Third-Party Liability Cover! Except we play the role of your dad here 😀