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Everything about Critical Illness Insurance Explained

What is Critical Illness Insurance/cover?

List of Critical Illnesses

Following are some of the diseases that come under the list of critical illnesses, whose treatment cost typically exceeds the sum insured of standard health insurance policies.

Myocardial infarction or heart attack

Aorta surgery

End-stage liver failure

Open Chest CABG or Bypass surgery

Apallic Syndrome or persistent vegetative state

Benign Brain Tumours

End-stage lung failure

Alzheimer’s disease

Motor neurone disease

Cancer beyond a certain stage


Permanent limb paralysis

Loss of limb

Severe head trauma

Coma beyond a certain severity

Muscular dystrophy

Stroke causing permanent disability

Medullary Cystic disease

Aplastic Anaemia

Major or third-degree burns


Parkinson’s disease

Cardiomyopathy or heart muscle disease


Chronic lung disease

Bone marrow transplant

Persisting symptoms related to multiple sclerosis

Heart valve surgery

Kidney failure

Organ transplant

Brain surgery

Loss of independent existence


Loss of speech

However, the number of diseases covered under a critical illness insurance policy can vary from one insurance company to the other. For additional information, you can consult with your insurance provider.

The company can provide a complete list of critical illnesses supported under such specialised plans.

How to Buy Critical Illness Cover?

Why Are Critical Illness Plans Important?

Why should you Avail a Critical Illness Insurance Plan?

FAQs about Critical Illness Insurance