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Health Insurance with Medical Check-ups Benefit

Why is an annual health checkup important?

How can you get this benefit with your health insurance policy?

How does this benefit work with Digit’s health insurance policy?

  • With Digit’s Health Insurance policy, we offer health check-ups as a benefit for all, during renewal. This means, you can start availing this benefit only after completing one year of your health insurance policy.
  • To avail this benefit, you can get your annual health check-up done at any of our network hospitals, or at any other hospital or diagnostic lab of your choice. Just make sure to let us know before you do so! 
  • Post your medical checkup, get the costs reimbursed via our reimbursement claim process.
  • The amount up to which you can claim for the health check-up is usually a certain percentage of the Sum Insured with an upper cap. Some plans allow a complimentary health check-up after every two years while some allow them every year.
  • Disclaimer: The features and benefits of Health Check-up vary across different insurance plans. Please check the complete details in your policy document. 

What does a complete health checkup include?

  • Although the nitty gritties of a health check-up may differ with different healthcare providers, overall – following are some common tests that will be part of your health check-up:
  • Blood Pressure Test

    Blood Sugar Test

    Lipid Profile

    ECG Test (mostly recommended after 35 though) 

    Liver Function Test

    Urine Analysis

    Tests for Vitamin Deficiencies (Vitamin D deficiency is very common in India)

    Pap smear (recommended for women, once a year) 

    Kidney function test

    Lung function test