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Health Insurance with Free Annual Medical Check-ups

Why is an annual health checkup important?

How can you get this benefit with your health insurance policy?

How does this benefit work with Digit’s health insurance policy?

  • With Digit’s Health Insurance policy, we offer complimentary annual health checkups as a benefit for all, during renewal. This means, you can start availing this benefit only after completing one year of your health insurance policy.
  • To avail this benefit, you can get your annual health checkup done at any of our network hospitals, or at any other hospital or diagnostic lab of your choice. Just make sure to let us know before you do so! 
  • Post your medical checkup, get the costs reimbursed via our reimbursement claim process.
  • The only restriction here is the amount up to which you can claim for. For annual health checkups, the cap is at 0.25% of your Sum Insured. So, if your Sum Insured is Rs 10 lakhs then you can get your annual health checkup costs reimbursed to up to Rs 2500. 

What does a complete health checkup include?

  • Although the nitty gritties of a health checkup may differ with different healthcare providers, overall – following are some common tests that will be part of your annual health checkup:
  • Blood Pressure Test

    Blood Sugar Test

    Lipid Profile

    ECG Test (mostly recommended after 35 though)

    Liver Function Test

    Urine Analysis

    Tests for Vitamin Deficiencies (Vitamin D deficiency is very common in India)

    Pap smear (recommended for women, once a year)

    Kidney function test

    Lung function test