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How to Reduce Health Insurance Premium

9 Ways to Lower your Health Insurance Premium




Copayment refers to when you have to bear a fixed portion of your treatment expenses while your insurance policy covers the rest during claim settlement.

A deductible is the fixed payment you will have to make towards the treatment costs before your insurance policy starts to contribute to it.

Co-insurance is sometimes used alternatively for copay by insurance providers.

The copay amount is fixed. But, the amount varies for different services.

The insurance policy then covers the larger portion of your bill.

With co-insurance, you will have to bear a fixed percentage of the treatment costs while the insurance provider covers the rest. Also, the Co-insurance amount is not fixed.


Now that you know what each of these cost-sharing plans means, you can utilise them to lower the premium paid towards your health insurance policy.

Furthermore, to reap the maximum benefits from it, you should compare health insurance policies offering these cost-sharing options.

This is because if you do not select the right amount of copay, deductible, etc. you can end up paying more towards your treatment cost than you save on your premium payments.


Know more about Difference between Copay Coinsurance and Deductible

Zone A

Zone B

Zone C

Delhi/NCR, Mumbai including (including Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan)

Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Chennai, Pune and Surat

All cities apart from those listed in A & B belong to Zone C

Approx. premium of ₹6,448

Approx. premium of ₹5,882

Approx. premium of ₹5,315


Thus, it is important that you buy a policy for the right zone that you live in. For example, if you live in a Zone B or C city, don’t buy a policy for Zone A, as you will simply be paying more premium. So, choosing the right Zone for your policy will ensure that you are paying premiums more effectively.

Currently, at Digit, we have two zones: Zone A (Greater Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Greater Mumbai) and Zone B (All other places). You get a 10% discount on premium if you are based in Zone B. Not just that, we have 0% zone-based co-payment. 


Individual plans

Family floater plans


Under these plans, the sum assured for each family member under a single insurance plan is fixed.

With this plan, the entire sum assured can be utilised to cover the treatment cost of a single individual.

Premium payment

The premium for this type of health insurance policy is based on the age and sum assured of each individual covered under it.

In this case, the premium for most health insurance plans is based on the age of the eldest member of the family covered.

Difference between prices

The premium payment towards each policy is generally high.

With family floater plans, the cost of the policy can be up to 20% lower than that of individual health insurance plans.


If you look through the table provided above, you will find that family floater insurance plans are generally cheaper than that of individual plans.

That is why, if you are looking for insurance plans that extend to your family, you can reduce your premium for them by opting for a family floater insurance policy.

FAQs about Reducing Health Insurance Premium