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Get Burglary Insurance Online for your Home, Shop, Office & Building

Not sure why a Burglary Insurance is important?

Read on..

Robbery cases in the national capital has seen an increase of 112 percent in 2022 compared to last year. (1)
In India, 2,81,602 cases of property crimes at residential premises were registered in 2021. (2)
Offences against property in India have increased by 18.5 percent in 2021. Of the total number, 12.8 percent accounted for burglary cases. (3)

What’s great about a Burglary Insurance by Digit?

  • Value for Money: Protecting your property from losses is a big deal. After all, there’s just so much at stake! Therefore, you’ll see that premiums for burglary insurance are usually high. However, we try our best to give you the best possible and most affordable premium to insure your property from unforeseen circumstances such as a burglary, and other potential damages.
  • Digital Friendly: Being one of India’s first digital insurance companies, we try and keep all our processes, right from buying a burglary insurance to making burglary insurance claims, digital. So even when there’s an inspection required, you can just do it online! (Except for claims above Rs 1 lakh. As per the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority)-those need to be done manually only.)
  • Covers All Business Categories: Whether you want to protect your family business, office space, kirana store or a chain of stores, our burglary insurance is suitable for all kinds of businesses, no matter how big or small they are.
  • Plans for Renters: We understand that millennials today are increasingly choosing to rent and not necessarily own. That’s why, we also offer plans for renters that only cover for the things that YOU own. So, even you want to cover your rental apartment from burglaries, you can do so, specifically for the things you own! 

What’s covered in Burglary Insurance by Digit?

The Burglary insurance policy offered by Digit offers the following coverages - 

Loss/damage to property

Loss/damage to property

Any loss or damage to property because of burglary, housebreaking, robbery or hold-up during the policy period is covered as per the policy.

Damage to premises

Damage to premises

Damage caused to the premises when an attempt for burglary, or robbery or housebreaking or thereat by the person or attempting or committing such theft has been made during the policy period is covered.

Cost incurred for damaged locks

Cost incurred for damaged locks

The insurer will reimburse the incurred cost for repairing or replacing damaged locks within the insured premise

Damage to safe/strong room

Damage to safe/strong room

The policy will cover any damage caused to the safe/strong room within the insured premises.

Types of Burglary Insurance

Who needs a Burglary Insurance?

Burglaries are unpredictable and most times, it leads to damages and losses beyond just stolen goods. Therefore, everyone from shop owners to homeowners or industrial units, manufacturing units etc. should have a burglary insurance to protect their properties and their contents from unforeseen losses. 

Home Owners

Whether it’s been your home for years, or is your newfound dream home, a house is anyone’s most precious possession and thus protecting it from any unforeseen losses and damages should be your utmost priority. 


People generally assume that a burglary insurance is only for people who own properties. However, at Digit we provide a burglary for rental properties too. Therefore, even if you live in a rented apartment, you can protect the things you own with a burglary insurance.

Small Business Owners

Whether you run a small general store or a small boutique with customized fashion and handicrafts, our burglary insurance coverage is suitable for all types of businesses. If you’re someone running an independent, small business, it is necessary that you protect your business from any potential losses and risks that could arise out of burglaries.

Medium Business Owners

If you run a chain of general stores, restaurants or a medium sized enterprise; our burglary insurance coverage is also suited for medium sized business owners to cover for any damages and losses that could be caused due to any burglary; no matter how small or big it is.

Large Enterprises

If you’re someone who owns multiple properties owing to the large operations of your business, a burglary insurance is vital in protecting not one but all your properties that will not only help reduce business risk, but also improve goodwill for being a responsible business enterprise.

Types of Personal Properties Covered in Burglary Insurance

Individual Apartment

This is for those who live in independent flats that are either part of housing societies or standalone buildings. The same could be either a flat owned by you or rented by you. Our product is suitable for both!

Independent Building

Perhaps you and your extended family live in a standalone building, owning or renting flats in the entire building. In this case, you can choose to cover for them all with a burglary insurance.

Independent Villa

If you own or have rented an independent villa or house, a burglary insurance coverage is vital to protect your villa and its contents from the potential risk of a burglary. 

Types of Business Properties Covered in Burglary Insurance

Mobile Automobiles and Other Electronics

Businesses that primarily sell automobiles, mobile phones and their mobile phones, mobile accessories, and or other electronics. Stores like Croma, OnePlus, Redmi, etc. are good examples of such properties. In such a case, a burglary insurance would help protect the store and its primary contents from any potential losses and damages caused by a burglary.

Grocery, and General and Stationary Stores

From neighborhood kirana shops to your budget friendly supermarkets and general stores; all grocery stores and general stores too are covered for in a burglary insurance. Shops like Big Bazaar, Star Bazaar and Reliance Supermarkets are some common examples of the same. 

Offices and Educational Spaces

This category as part of our Property Insurance Policy is designed to suit office premises and educational institutions such as colleges, schools, and coaching classes. Insuring such a property from burglary isn’t only vital to protect losses but, also give your employees or students more confidence towards your respective institution.

Repair Services

This category of businesses includes everything from carpentry and plumbing repairs to motor garages and engineering workshops; you can cover them all from the risks of a burglary. 

Personal Home, Lifestyle and Fitness

From your favorite malls and clothing stores to spas, gyms and other stores; a burglary insurance covered by Digit’s property insurance also covers for all businesses in the personal lifestyle and fitness sector. Examples of such properties includes Enrich Salons, Cult Fitness Centers, Phoenix Market City, and other stores.

Food and Eatables

The one place everyone devours! From cafes and food trucks to restaurant chains and bakeries; our burglary insurance coverage is well-suited for all kinds of eatery joints as well. Some examples of such properties include restaurants at food courts, tea shops like Chai Point and Chayyos and fast food joints like Burger King and Pizza Hut as well. 


One of the most vital properties that should be protected from burglaries and all other risks like a fire and natural calamity; a Property Insurance by Digit also covers for Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Centers and Pharmacies and other Medical Stores.

Service & Others

Apart from the categories mentioned above, a burglary insurance coverage as part of by Digit’s Property Insurance Policy is suitable for all sizes and nature of businesses. If you can’t find your category in the list, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll help you out in selecting the best suited property insurance for your home or business.

FAQs on Burglary Insurance Online in India