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25K 10 Crore

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Interest Amount
₹ 9,57,568
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₹ 23,567
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What Is an EMI Calculator?

What Is the Formula for Calculation of EMI?

Example of Calculation of EMI



Personal Loan


Interest Rate


Loan Tenure

4 years

Enter these details in respective boxes to know your EMI amount. The calculator will show the following details.



Monthly EMI


Total Interest Amount


Total Repayment


Note: Besides a compound interest EMI calculator, simple interest EMI calculators are also available online.

There are certain types of EMI calculators that follow a different computing method. Usually, loans are repaid in EMIs where borrowers pay some portion of principal and some portion of interest. As years pass by, the outstanding balance gets reduced, and interest is levied on the remaining balance.

This is called a reducing the rate of interest calculator or reducing balance EMI calculator. Using this, individuals who have taken reducing balance loans can calculate EMI and the amount they have saved on total interest. This calculator uses a method where interest reduces after each EMI is paid as the outstanding balance decreases with each payment of EMI.

What Are the Benefits of an EMI Calculator?

What Are the Components of EMI?

What Are the Factors Affecting EMI?

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