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SME Buddy - Business Insurance Calculator

What is the SME Buddy?

Why is an insurance for SMEs so important?

Cash flow is one of the most common concerns SMEs face while running a small business. An insurance helps cover for any financial risks in unforeseen circumstances. (1)
Most SMEs depend on third-parties for their supply chain. However, any kind of interruption on the third-party's end (take the nationwide lockdown as an example!) can cause a lot of trouble for small businesses. (2)
From small unexpected events like water damage to bigger risks such as a fire or loss of money. Liabilities cannot always be anticipated. An insurance can give you the confidence that you can keep moving because it will have your back! (3)

Who is this SME buddy tool for?

Small Business Owners

Whether you run a small business with you as a sole proprietor and a few employees or are running a small business as part of your family’s business. This SME buddy tool is useful for all types of small businesses. Based on the details you enter about your business, the SME buddy tool will be able to tell you exactly what kind of insurance you should get; including the type of coverage, benefits and the cost of it all. 

Medium Enterprises

What once started as a small business is now a renowned enterprise! The SME buddy tool also helps medium enterprises protect what they’ve created over the years. It doesn’t matter how big or small your enterprise is or what type of business it is, the SME buddy is designed to suit all types of businesses.

Independent Professionals

Perhaps you run a medical practice of your own or you’re a teacher who also runs a coaching center to train students for competitive exams and the like. The SME buddy tool also helps support ventures like yours to make the right decision when it comes to getting a suitable insurance for you and your venture! 

How will the SME buddy tool help you?