NSC Calculator

Investment Amount

Enter value between 1000 and 10000000
1000 1 Cr

Return Rate (P.A)


Current Interest Rate is 6.8%

6.8% %

Time Period


Term is fixed at 5 years as the NSC Matures in 5 years

5 years Years
Total Amount
₹ 16,00,000
Interest Earned
₹ 17,761
Amount Invested
₹ 9,57,568

NSC Calculator: Maturity Value & Tax Amount Calculation Explained

What Is an NSC Calculator?

How to Calculate NSC Interest Rate?

Example of Calculating Interest With the Post Office NSC Calculator


The NSC calculator works on the compound interest formula. Here, the interest is compounded annually. So, the formula to calculate the maturity amount will be:

P [1+ R/100]^n




Investment Amount (P)


Interest Rate (R)

6.8% p.a.

Lock-in Period(n)

5 years

Upon placing the respective values in the formula, we get,

Maturity Amount =₹ 100000[1+ 6.8/100]^5

                                 = ₹1,46,254

As such, the total interest earned is ₹(1,46,254 - 1,00,000) = ₹46,254.

From the above calculation, it is clear that an individual investing ₹1,00,000 will earn a total interest of ₹46,254 in 5 years, and his/her total amount upon maturity.

Thus, by using an online 5-year NSC interest calculator, individuals can quickly get these mentioned results.

How to Calculate Tax Amount on the NSC Maturity Value?

Example to Calculate Tax Amount on the NSC Maturity Value



Investment Amount


Interest Rate

6.8% p.a.


5 years

Here, we have to apply the compound interest formula of P [1+ R/100]^n.


Calculated Value

Maturity Amount


Interest Earned

₹58, 424


Here, interest earned is taxable as per the investor’s tax slab rate.

One must remember that NSC does not reinvest the 5th year’s interest. Therefore, individuals cannot claim a deduction from this taxable income under section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Equipped with the knowledge of using the NSC calculator, individuals can now plan their investment strategy accordingly.

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