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Commercial Vehicle Insurance for Agriculture/Farm Tractors

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What is Tractor Insurance?

Why Should I Buy Tractor Insurance?

Why Choose Commercial Tractor Insurance by Digit?

We treat our customers like VIPs, know how…

Customize your Vehicle IDV

Customize your Vehicle IDV

With us, you can customize your vehicle IDV as per your choice!

24*7 Support

24*7 Support

24*7 call facility even on National Holidays

Super-Fast claims

Smartphone enabled self-inspection processes takes minutes!

What's Covered in Tractor Insurance?



Damages and losses caused to the tractor due to an accident.



Any damages and losses caused to the tractor in the case of a theft.



Any damages or losses caused to the tractor in an unfortunate case of fire.

Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

Any damages and losses caused to your tractor due to floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities.

Personal Accident

Personal Accident

Covers for any personal injuries or death of the owner-driver of the tractor.

Third Party Losses

Third Party Losses

Covers for losses and damages caused to a third-party vehicle, property or person due to the insured tractor, in the case of an accident or collision.

Towing Disabled Vehicles

Towing Disabled Vehicles

Covers for any damages caused to your tractor in cases where it's being towed.

What’s Not Covered?

It is equally important to know what’s not covered in your commercial tractor insurance policy so that there are no surprises when you make a claim. Here are some such situations:

standalone cover icon

Own Damages for Third-Party Policy holder

If you’re only going to go for a Third-Party Commercial Insurance for your tractor, then own damages and losses won’t be covered. 

Drunk Driving or without a Licence icon

Drunk Driving, or Driving Without a valid License

If during a claim, the driver-owner is found to be driving the tractor without a valid driver’s license or under the influence of alcohol then the claim can’t be approved.

Contributory Negligence icon

Contributory Negligence

Any damages or losses caused to the tractor due to contributory negligence won’t be covered for. For example, if there are existing floods in the city, and one still takes the tractor out.

Consequential Damages icon

Consequential Damages

Consequential damages is any damages or losses that aren’t a direct result of an accident, natural calamity or fire can’t be covered for.

Add-ons not Bought icon

Add-ons not Bought

Some situations are covered in add-ons. If you haven’t bought those add-ons, the corresponding situations will not be covered.

Add-ons Available with Tractor Insurance

Digit offers the following 7 add-ons with the tractor insurance policy to provide enhanced protection for miscellaneous and specialised commercial vehicles.

Consumable Cover icon

Consumable Cover

Under consumable add-on you get covered for the cost of your tractor’s bits and pieces, like its nuts and bolts, screws, engine oil, and grease in case of an accident.

Parts Depreciation Protect

Zero Depreciation

This add-on ensures that the depreciation on your tractor and its parts over time is not deducted at the time of claim.

Engine and Gear Box Protect icon

Engine and Gear Box Protect

This add-on covers any consequential damage caused to your commercial tractor’s engine or gearbox after the accident, probably due to water regression or leakage of lubricating oil.

Breakdown Assistance icon

Breakdown Assistance or Roadside Assistance

Breakdown assistance add-on assists you 24x7 in case your tractor faces a breakdown on the road - due to an accident, flat tires, malfunctioning battery, or other factors.

Loss of Revenue icons

Loss of Revenue

This add-on compensates you for any loss of income that you may face when your tractor is not available and is being repaired due to damage.

Additional Towing Expenses

Additional Towing Expenses

Under this add-on, you are compensated for the additional expenses incurred when your tractor is being moved from the accident spot to the nearest garage or place of safety.

EMI Protection Cover

EMI Protection Cover

If your tractor is damaged in an accident and is getting repaired in a garage, it could cause a loss to your business. So, if your commercial vehicle is on loan, then this add-on will help you pay regular EMIs to the financier of the vehicle recorded with the insurer.

Additional Coverages or Endorsements Available

You also get optional covers for tractor insurance for enhanced coverage to protect in all circumstances. These include:

PA cover icon

Personal Accident Cover

A personal accident cover is compulsory by law in India. So, if your tractor insurance policy doesn’t already have it, get this cover as it will cover you for bodily injury or death of the owner-driver in case of an accident.

Special Exclusions & Compulsory Deductibles icon

Special Exclusions & Compulsory Deductibles

Under this add-on, you must pay a certain amount as your share of the loss, called the compulsory deductible, that helps reduce your premium. This will also cover the loss or damage to lamps, tyres, tubes, mudguards, bonnet, side part bumpers, headlights and paintwork if your vehicle is completely damaged.

Legal Liability icon

Legal Liability

If you want to protect your tractor and business against any legal liability that may arise due to an injury caused to your employees or someone who works for you, you must get this cover.

IMT 23

IMT 23

Under this cover, your tractor is protected against losses or damage to lamps, tyres, tubes, mudguards, bonnet, side part bumpers, headlights and paintwork in case of partial damage.

Electrical Accessories icon

Electrical Accessories

This add-on will cover any electrical accessories fitted in your tractor, which is not a part of the manufacturer’s model.

Non-Electrical Accessories icon

Non-Electrical Accessories

This add-on will cover any non-electrical accessories fitted in your tractor, which is not a part of the manufacturer’s model.

Key Features of Tractor Insurance by Digit

Key Features Digit Benefit
Claim Process  Paperless Claims 
Customer Support  24x7 Support 
Additional Coverage  PA Cover, Legal Liability Cover, Special Exclusions and Compulsory Deductibles, etc. 
Damages to Third-Party  Unlimited Liability for Personal Damages, Up to 7.5 Lakhs for Property/Vehicle Damages 

Third-Party vs Comprehensive Tractor Insurance

Liability Only

Standard Package


Third Party Premiums for Tractors

Here is the tractor 3rd party insurance price for commercial tractors in India. This tractor insurance price list is fixed by IRDAI.

Vehicle Type Premium Rate (effective 1st June 2022)
Agricultural Tractors up to 6 HP  ₹910 
Miscellaneous & Special Type of Vehicles (Class-C)  ₹2485 

How to Buy Tractor Insurance Online by Digit?

Step 1

On the Digit app or website, enter your tractor’s registration number, mobile number, and click on ‘View Prices.’

Step 2

Select the plan, add-ons and IDV, and click on ‘Continue.’

Step 3

Enter your personal, nominee and vehicle details and click on ‘Pay Now.’

Step 4

Complete the payment and mandatory KYC verification process.

Step 5

You’re done! You’ll receive the policy document via email, SMS and WhatsApp. Also, you can access it 24X7 on the Digit App.

Documents Required to Buy Tractor Insurance Online

How to File a Claim with Digit?

To file a claim against tractor commercial insurance online, follow these steps:

Step 1

Inform your insurer as soon as possible by calling Digit on 1800-258-5956 or dropping an email at

Step 2

Keep your details handy such as policy number, location of the accident, date and time of the accident, and contact number of the insured/caller to make the process easier.

Step 3

Present the required documents required to file the claim and wait for the insurers to verify the details. Upon verifying, your claim will be processed.

How to Renew Tractor Insurance Policy with Digit?

Step 1

Go to Digit App or website and click on the ‘My Policy’ tab.

Step 2

Select the policy pending for tractor insurance renewal and click on ‘Renew Policy.’

Step 3

Now select the plan, IDV, add-ons and confirm the details, then click on ‘Pay Now.’

Step 4

You’re done! You’ll receive the policy document via email, SMS and WhatsApp. Also, you can access it 24X7 on the Digit App.

How to Download Your Tractor Insurance Policy on Digit App?

Factors Affecting Tractor Insurance Premium

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How fast are Digit Insurance Claims Settled?

This is the first question that should come to your mind when switching your insurance company. Good you’re doing that!

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FAQs about Tractor Insurance Online in India