Car Insurance with Engine Protection Cover

Engine and Gearbox Protection Cover in Car Insurance

The engine of your car literally plays the same role as your own heart! It’s what pumps life into your car. You can’t survive without a heart, can you? Neither can your car without an engine😊!

So, it’s of utmost importance to keep your engine in a healthy condition by regularly getting it serviced and ensuring it is always well lubricated, just as you have regular check-ups to ensure that you are in the pink of health. Lest we mention, we said well lubricated because the oil flowing through your car’s engine is like the blood flowing through your heart!

That said, however well you maintain your car, your car’s engine is prone to regular wear and tear, and under certain unforeseen circumstances major engine parts can fail too. Just as one can’t predict a heart attack, if we might say!

And the shocking part is, your engine is not covered under your comprehensive car insurance! It usually gets classified under Consequential damage, or a damage that is not directly a result of an unfortunate incident.

And here’s where the importance of engine and gearbox insurance protection comes in. This ‘Add on’ cover, covers all the major components of not only your engine in case of an accident, but your gearbox too! Why gearbox? Well, the gearbox is what eventually transfers the power of your engine to the wheels of your car, so that you can drive it in the first place!

To repair or replace any of these components can cost enough to give you a heart attack! Well, not literally, but we guess you get the point😊! Basically this ‘Add on’ cover helps you get out of such situations without burning a hole in your pocket!

What is Covered in Engine and Gearbox Cover?

It basically covers the cost of all the components including:

  • Repair and replacement costs for all engine child parts.
  • Repair and replacement costs for all gearbox child parts.
  • Cost of Consumables replenished including lubricating oil, coolant, nuts and bolts during the repair.
  • Labour Cost required to carry out the repair or replacement of the damaged components.

These components are cover if the damage is due to:

  • Water ingression.
  • Leakage of lubricating oil.
  • Damage to gear box.
  • Undercarriage damage, damage to the Engine and/or Gear Box and/or transmission internal parts of your vehicle due to lubricant leakage caused by an external impact.

In short, engine protection cover is like the critical illness cover for your car😊! No wonder we consider this cover to be one of most important ‘Add on’ covers that you can get to ensure that your car has a long and healthy life for many miles to come!