Bike Insurance Transfer

Transferring Ownership of a Bike in 3 Simple Steps

Selling a bike is more than just handing over your keys to the new owner. Transferring a bike properly to a new owner should involve these following steps.

  • Step 1: Apply for bike ownership transfer at a Regional Transport Office. Make sure that it is the same RTO where your initial registration for the vehicle took place.
  • Step 2: Submit Form 29 and Form 30, registration certificate, emission test papers, insurance documents and other paperwork at the Directorate of Transport Office. You will also need to submit passport sized photographs.
  • Step 3: After all documents are submitted, the registering authority verifies them and, if everything is in order, transfers ownership of the bike.

Buyers can use the table illustrated below to understand their obligations during a bike ownership transfer.


What you Must do

If the buyer resides in the same state as seller.

Report your transfer of ownership to the regulating body within two weeks of purchase.

If the buyer and seller reside in different states.

Report transfer of ownership to the regulating body within 45 days of purchase.

If the bike’s owner dies before officially transferring ownership.

A buyer must inform the regulatory body of this occurrence within 30 days.

After the ownership transfer is complete, you can subsequently undertake the bike insurance transfer.

Bike Insurance Transfer Process

How does Bike Insurance Transfer Benefit Sellers?

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