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Traffic Fines & Penalties for Traffic Violations in Jaipur

List of Traffic Fines in Jaipur

RTO Jaipur functions under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. This act implements traffic rules and regulations across the city. However, the government of Rajasthan has made some changes to the existing traffic fines. Therefore, it is crucial to know about the new traffic fines introduced in Jaipur to reduce violations.

Below is a comprehensive list of the traffic fines in Jaipur as implemented under this Act.



Driving/Riding Without a Licence


Driving/Riding Under the Influence of an Intoxicating Substance



₹1000 -₹2000

Driving/Riding Without Insurance

First-time offence: ₹2000

Second-time offence: ₹4000

Driving Without a Seat Belt


Speeding and Racing

First-time offence: ₹5000

Second-time offence: ₹10000

Disobeying Traffic Signal


Violating Road Safety Standards, Air Pollution, And Noise Pollution


Driving/Riding While on Mobile (Handheld)/ Dangerous Driving



Driving/Riding Despite Disqualification


Not Giving Way to Emergency Vehicles like Fire Engines, Ambulances, etc.


Riding Without Helmet (Rider and Pillion Rider)


Overloading Two-wheelers


Overloading Goods Vehicle

₹20000 and ₹2000 per ton of excess load

Overboarding Passengers

₹100 (Per extra Passenger)

Allowing an Unauthorised Person to Drive

Two-three-wheelers: ₹1000

Four-wheelers or LMV: ₹2000

Others: ₹5000

Refusing to Share Information Under Traffic Authority/Disobeying Orders

First-time offence: ₹500

Second-time offence: ₹1000

Vehicles Without Permit


Driving/Riding Without Registration and Fitness Certificate


Wrong Parking Within City Area

First-time offence: ₹500

Second-time offence: ₹1000

Person Mentally/Physically Unfit Driving

First-time offence: ₹1000

Second-time offence: ₹2000

Carrying Children Below 14 Years Without Safety Belt/Child Restraint System


Using Horn Needlessly

First-time offence: ₹1000

Second-time offence: ₹2000

Rash driving


Driving in Restricted Area


General Traffic Violations

Two-wheeler: ₹100

Four-Wheelers: ₹200

Driving with an Expired/Suspended Licence


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