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Traffic Fines & Penalties for Traffic Violations in Pune

List of Traffic Fines in Pune

There has been a tremendous increase in traffic violations in Pune. So, to address this issue, on 1st September 2019, the Government of India implemented the Motor Vehicle Act in this state. This act highlights the new traffic rules, violations, and revised fines.

Below is a comprehensive list of new traffic fines that you must pay in case of a traffic violation.



Driving/Riding Without a Licence


Driving/Riding Under the Influence of an Intoxicating Substance

₹10000 and 6 months in prison

₹15000 and 2 years in prison for a repetitive offence


Two-wheeler/three-wheeler: ₹1000

Four-wheeler (LMV): ₹2000

Other vehicles: ₹4000

Driving/Riding Without Insurance

₹2000 and 3 months in prison

Driving Without a Seat Belt


Speeding and Racing

₹5000 and 3 months in prison

₹10000 and 1 year in jail for a repetitive offence

Disobeying Traffic Signal

₹500 for the first-time offence

₹1500 for a repetitive offence

Violating Road Safety Standards, Air Pollution, And Noise Pollution


Driving/Riding While on Mobile (Handheld)/ Dangerous Driving


Driving/Riding Despite Disqualification


Not Giving Way to Emergency Vehicles like Fire Engines, Ambulances, etc.


Riding Without Helmet (Rider and Pillion Rider)

₹1000 and Driving Licence disqualification

Overloading Two-wheelers

₹20000 and ₹2000 per ton of excess load

Driving/Riding Without a Ticket


Supply of Invalid Tickets/ Lesser Value Ticket


Unauthorised Use of Vehicles Without Licence

₹1000 - ₹5000

Refusing to Share Information Under Traffic Authority/Disobeying Orders



Person Mentally/Physically Unfit Driving

₹1000 for the first-time offence

 ₹2000 for a repetitive offence

Violating Road Regulations

₹500 - ₹1000

Driving/Riding Without Registration

₹5000 for the first-time offence

₹10000 for a repetitive offence

More number of riders in two-wheelers

₹2000 and Driving Licence disqualification

Honking in silent zones

₹2000 for the first-time offence

₹4000 for a repetitive offence

Juvenile driving or riding a vehicle

25000 and 3 years in prison

(Cancellation of Registration Certificate for a year and not eligible for Driving Licence until the age of 25)

When Were the New Traffic Fines Implemented in Pune?

FAQs About Traffic Fines in Pune