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New Motor Vehicle Rules in India from 1st Oct'20

Changes in Traffic Rules - effective from 1st Oct-2020


New Rule

Old Rule

Physical documents

Individuals can now save these documents in the digital format on their phones. Therefore, carrying papers physically is no longer necessary.

Vehicle owners needed to carry insurance, pollution, registration and other documents along with them during a drive.

License revocation

Since drivers do not need to carry the physical copy any longer, traffic authorities can revoke the same digitally. The suspension of license is almost immediate in this case.

Traffic authorities used information on your physical driving license to initiate the revocation procedure.

Storage of revoked license

All records of disqualified licenses are maintained digitally.

Disqualified license records were maintained on paper.


With the enforcement of the new rule, e-challans would be issued through the online platform.

Previously, challans were issued physically.

Usage of mobile while driving

A mobile phone can be used only for route navigation while driving.

Mobile phone usage was strictly prohibited while driving.

Application support for documents

Individuals can upload all vehicular and driving documents on m-Parivahan and/or Digi-locker.


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