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No Parking Fines and Rules in Mumbai in 2024

When Are You Charged With a No-Parking Fine in Mumbai?

What Are the Charges for No-Parking Fines in Mumbai?

For illegal or unlawful parking, the traffic authority charges a different fine amount based on the places where you have parked your vehicle. Here is a list of fines for no-parking in Mumbai that you might need to pay for violating the no-parking rules:

Violations Penalty
On the footpath ₹ 200
Near a gate ₹ 200
On the bridge ₹ 200
Near a traffic signal or pedestrian crossing ₹ 200
Near or on a bend ₹ 200
Opposite the MV ₹ 200
Causing inconvenience to other vehicles or persons ₹ 500
Alongside another parked vehicle ₹ 200
In front of the No-stopping sign ₹ 200
Parking a vehicle with no number plate on a public road ₹ 500
On the main road, where the notified speed limit is 50KM per hour ₹ 200
Near bus stop, hospital, or educational institution gates ₹ 200
In a tunnel or bus lane ₹ 200
In front of the entrance or exit of a property ₹ 200

It is important to remember these fines for wrong parking in Mumbai to ensure the safety and convenience of all road users.

What Are the Different Payment Options for No-Parking Fines in Mumbai?

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