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No Parking Fines and Rules in Bangalore in 2024

When Are You Charged With a No-Parking Fine in Bangalore?

What Are the Charges for No-Parking Fine in Bangalore?

The following are the no-parking charges in Bangalore applicable when you park your vehicle in the wrong location:

Violations Penalty
On footpath ₹ 1,000
Near traffic light or zebra crossing ₹ 1,000
Near bus stops, schools, or hospitals ₹ 1,000
Wrong parking  ₹ 1,000
Parking opposite another parked vehicle ₹ 1,000
Double parking ₹ 1,000
Near road crossing ₹ 1,000

It is crucial to remember all these fines for parking violations in Bangalore to minimalize the congestion and traffic problems in the locality.

What Are the Payment Options for No-Parking Fine in Bangalore?

FAQs Related to No-Parking Fines in Bangalore