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Traffic Fines in Coimbatore for Different Traffic Violations

List of Traffic Fines in Coimbatore

Not only the drivers and owners of a vehicle, but the citizens of Coimbatore should have proper knowledge about the traffic fines implemented there. Here is a comprehensive list of all the new traffic fines that are applicable in Coimbatore under the  Motor Vehicle Act :



Driving/Riding Without a Licence


Driving/Riding Under the Influence of an Intoxicating Substance

₹10000 and 6 months prison

₹15000 and 2 years jail for repetitive violation



Driving/Riding Without Insurance

First-time offence: ₹2000

Second-time offence: ₹4000

Driving Without a Seat Belt


Violating Road Safety Standards, Air Pollution, And Noise Pollution

First-time offence: ₹1000

Second-time offence: ₹2000

Driving/Riding While on Mobile (Handheld)/ Dangerous Driving

₹1000 - ₹2000

Riding Without Helmet (Rider and Pillion Rider)

₹1000 and ban of Driving Licence for 3 months

Overloading Two-wheelers

₹2000 and ban of Driving Licence for 3 months

Refusing to Share Information Under Traffic Authority/Disobeying Orders



Vehicles Without Permit


Driving/Riding Without Registration Certificate


Person Mentally/Physically Unfit Driving


Driving/Riding Drunk

First-time offence: ₹10000 and 6 months of prison

Second-time offence: ₹15000 and 2 years of prison

Rash Driving


Driving an oversized vehicle


Driving on the sidewalks

₹300 - ₹600

Parking in a ‘No entry’ zone

₹2000 - ₹5000

Unregistered vehicle


When Were the New Traffic Fines Implemented in Coimbatore?

FAQs About Traffic Fines in Coimbatore