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Driving Licence Test Questions & Answers

Important things to know about Learner's Licence Test


Before you take the learner's licence test, here are some common facts you should know about the test. Check them out below.

Common Questions


How many learning licence test questions are there?

There are a total of 15 Multiple-Choice-Questions (MCQ) questions.

What are the language options for the driving exam questions?

One can take the test in English, Hindi, and any of the regional languages.

How many correct answers are required for passing the exam?

One has to score 60% on the test. That means 9 out of the 15 questions have to be correct.

What is the time given for the driver's licence online test?

There are 30 seconds given per answer and a total of 15 questions. So, the total duration is 480 seconds or 8 minutes.

How many attempts for the driving licence test?

In case you fail the test, you will need to appear again for it after 7 days.

List of Questions for Learning Licence Test

Rules and Guidelines for Attempting Driving Licence Test

Frequently Asked Questions