Own Damage Bike Insurance

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What is Own Damage Insurance for Bike?

Who should get an Own Damages Bike Insurance?

  • If you’ve recently bought a bike and already bought Digit’s Third-Party Bike Insurance for your bike. You can also choose to buy an Own Damages cover for your two-wheeler to protect it from damages and losses to your own bike too. 
  • If you already have an existing Third-Party bike insurance policy from another insurance provider, you can choose to buy a standalone own damage bike insurance from Digit Insurance so that your own bike is covered from losses too.

What is Covered in OD Bike Insurance by Digit?

Damages to your Bike in an accident

Damages to your Bike in an accident

Covers for damages and losses caused to your bike during accidents.

Theft of your Two-Wheeler

Theft of your Two-Wheeler

Covers for losses in case your bike is unfortunately stolen.

Damages due to a Fire

Damages due to a Fire

Covers your bike in a situation where your bike is damaged due to a fire.

Damages to your Bike due to a natural calamity

Damages to your Bike due to a natural calamity

Covers for damages to your bike in case of any natural calamity.

Add-ons with OD Bike Insurance

Zero Depreciation Cover

It’s basically like an anti-ageing cream for your bike. With this add-on, depreciation won’t be accounted for your bike’s parts which means, higher claim amounts during claims!

Return to Invoice Cover

Opt for this add-on if you have a new bike. This lets you get the last invoice value of your bike in case your bike is stolen or damaged beyond repairs.  

Breakdown Assistance

This roadside, breakdown assistance add-on lets you get help whenever you need it, without acting as a claim! 

Engine and Gearbox Protection Cover

Protect your engine and gearbox during both good times and bad with this add-on cover.

Tyre Protect Cover

Give your tyre ultimate protection in all possible situations with this tyre protect cover.

Consumables Cover

Get all the nitty-gritties covered such as engine oils, screws, nuts, bolts, grease, et al. 

What’s not covered?

While an Own Damage cover is great for your bike’s overall protection, here are some things that won’t be covered.

Third-Party Liabilities

A standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance only covers for losses to your own bike, and won’t cover for third-party losses. Your third-party bike insurance will take care of the same.

Driving Drunk

This isn't allowed by law, therefore your bike insurance claims won’t be covered if you were riding under the influence of alcohol. 

Driving without a Licence

No bike insurance can accept claims if the claimed person was driving illegally. Therefore, claims can only be made if you have a valid two-wheeler licence.

Add-Ons Not Bought

If you haven’t bought a particular add-on, you can’t claim for its benefits, obviously!

Consequential Damages

Unfortunately, your bike won’t be covered for damages that haven’t taken place during the accident.  

Contributory Negligence

This means your bike won’t be covered if you’ve done something you weren’t supposed to do. For example; if your city has been flooding and you still took your bike out which ultimately led to its damages!

Driving without a Licence Holder

As per the law, if  have a learner’s licence, you need to have someone with a permanent  licence on the pillion seat. If that’s not the case, your OD claim won’t be approved.

Why should you buy OD Bike Insurance by Digit?

Your OD bike insurance not only comes with a super easy claim process, but also with the option to choose a cashless settlement

Smartphone-enabled Self Inspection

Smartphone-enabled Self Inspection

Quick and Paperless claims process through a Smartphone-enabled self-inspection process

Cashless Repairs

Cashless Repairs

1000+ Cashless Network Garages for you to choose from across India

Super-fast Claims

Super-fast Claims

Average turn around time for two-wheeler claims is 11 days

24*7 Support

24*7 Support

24*7 call facility even on National Holidays

High IDV per rupee

High IDV per rupee

With us, you can customize your IDV as per your choice!

How to file an Own Damage Bike Insurance Claim?

After you buy or renew our OD bike insurance plan, you live tension free as we have a 3-step, completely digital claims process!

Step 1

Just call on 1800-258-5956. No forms to be filled

Step 2

Get a link for Self-Inspection on your registered mobile number. Shoot your vehicle’s damages from your smartphone through a guided step by step process.

Step 3

Choose the mode of repair you wish to opt for i.e. Reimbursement or Cashless through our network of garages.

Report Card

How fast are Digit Insurance Claims Settled?

This is the first question that should come to your mind when switching your insurance company. Good you’re doing that!

Read Digit’s Claims Report Card

Own Damage Bike Insurance Premium

Factors Affecting your OD Bike Insurance Premium

In an Own Damages policy, your bike premium is mainly calculated by your bike’s cc and your bike’s IDV. Apart from that, the following factors too are considered while calculating your Own Damages cover premium: 


Your IDV refers to the right market value of your bike. Therefore, based your OD premium for your bike will heavily depend on this. 

Bike’s cc

Your bike’s cc determines the speed and hence risk of your bike. Therefore, the cc of your bike too will affect your OD premium. Higher the cc, higher the OD premium and vice versa. 

Bike Make & Model

This goes without saying that, the make and model of your bike will directly affect your OD premium. The more premium your bike, the higher will be its OD premium and vice versa.

Age of the Bike

The older your bike is, the lesser will be its OD premium and vice versa! 

No Claim Bonus

If you’ve previously had an Own Damage cover of Comprehensive Bike Insurance and haven’t made any claims yet, you can transfer your accumulated No Claim Bonus for a discount on your current OD premium.

Add-ons Opted

Every add-on is different. Therefore, based on the type of add-on you choose and the number of add-ons you choose, your OD premium will be accordingly affected.

Compare: Third Party, Own Damage & Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Third-Party Bike Insurance

Own Damages Bike Insurance

Comprehensive Bike Insurance

A Third-Party Bike Insurance is the most basic form of bike insurance available. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, every bike owner must at least have a third-party bike insurance to ride legally.

An Own Damage Bike Insurance is a standalone bike insurance policy that solely covers for the bike’s own damages and losses.

Put together both a third-party bike insurance and an own damage cover and you have a comprehensive bike insurance. One that covers for both damages to a third-party and your own bike too.

It is mandatory by law to at least have a bike insurance that covers for third-party liabilities.

An Own Damage bike insurance isn’t mandatory by law, but is ultimately more useful for riders as it covers for one’s own damages and losses.

A comprehensive bike insurance too isn’t mandatory but, is the best type of policy available as it covers for all possible situations.

Every bike is eligible to buy a Third-Party Bike Insurance.

Only bikes with an existing Third-Party Bike Insurance can buy a standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance too.

Anyone with a bike is eligible to get a Comprehensive Bike Insurance policy. However, please not that since a Comprehensive Bike Insurance covers for everything, you don’t need to buy any another bike insurance policy.

No Add-ons are available with this policy.

Add-ons are available.

Add-ons are available.

FAQs about Own Damage Bike Insurance