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What is a Second-hand Bike Insurance?

Add-on Covers with Second-hand Bike Insurance

Apart from the basic comprehensive bike insurance, it is advisable to extend the coverage if possible. Some of the add-on covers that can be chosen are:

Nil Depreciation cover

After an accident, the cost of the replacement and the damaged parts is to be partially borne by the owner. But by paying extra premium, you can get a Nil Depreciation Cover, which means that the insurer will take care of all such expenses. Nil Depreciation Cover is only available for vehicles not more than 5 years old.

Return to Invoice cover

If your bike is stolen or sustains damage that is beyond recovery, the Return to Invoice Cover will cover you up to the invoice value of your bike. The cover will also reimburse the road tax and registration fees.

Engine & Gear Protection cover

Whether something happens or not, the engine and gearbox are the ones who may need a little extra protection no matter what. Engine & Gear Protection add-on helps you cover for them in all possible situations.

Breakdown Assistance

The roadside assistance add-on ensures we’ll always be there for you and your two-wheeler in case of any breakdowns. The best part? Asking for our help doesn’t even count as a claim.

Consumable cover

A shield for the nitty-gritties of bikes such as engine oils, screws, nuts and bolts, etc. is available in the name of the consumable cover.

Tyre Protect

The tyre protect add-on cover is offered only to vehicles fitted with run flat technology. As part of it, the cost of replacing damaged tyres with equivalent or near equivalent to the one being used in the vehicle, labour and wheel balancing charges can be reimbursed. However, claims made under the add-on cover is subject to conditions set forth under the vehicle insurance policy.

Daily Conveyance Benefit

The add-on cover of daily conveyance benefit will ensure that you are compensated for your transportation cost during the period when two-wheeler is under repair subject to applicable time excess. A policyholder can be compensated in the form of fixed allowance per day or coupons from taxi operators from an amount equal to per day fixed allowance.

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