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Car Insurance Claim: A Complete Guide

Have taken an insurance policy but don’t know what to do when you need it? This blog is your holy grail that helps to know how to claim for car insurance in different situations! Every Insurance policy looks perfect, before you have to make a claim for it.

Claims is the moment of truth for the customer and the ease of getting it actually makes you think about continuing with the insurance provider. No matter how careful we are about our driving, sometimes things are just not in our control. So, it is always wise to know the claim process beforehand. Incase if there’s a mishap you know exactly what to do.

What all is covered in your car insurance?

There are two main things that are covered under your car insurance: Own Damage and Third-Party Liability

Things covered under Own Damage

Coverage against loss of or damage to your vehicle caused by accident, theft, fire, explosion, self-ignition, lightning, riots, strikes or act of terrorism, natural calamities.

Things covered under Third Party Liability:

  • It covers damage your car causes to someone else's car
  • Any personal damages like injury to someone else if your car hits them
  • Any damage to third party’s property

Also, your car insurance offers Unlimited Personal Accident cover, which you can opt for. Incase if there’s an injury or death of the owner driver, this cover takes care of the expenses as well as offers a lump sum compensation.

How to Select a Car Insurance Company?

So, how should you select a car insurance company to ensure that your car insurance claim process is easy and simple?

Service Benefits

  • Check the car insurance claim process. The simpler it is, the faster will the process be for you.
  • At Digit, your claim gets registered with just a call. We don’t make you fill any forms.
  • Also, our smartphone-enabled self-inspection lets you shoot the damages of your car in the convenience of your smartphone, without having to wait for a third party to assess your car.

Customer Care Service

  • You should try giving a call to the customer care team before choosing your insurer, and you will get an idea on how fast and helpful they are.
  • Also, look for a company that offers 24*7 customer support, like we at Digit do, even on National Holidays.

Speed of Claim Settlement

  • Check for the claim settlement turn around time, as that will actually give you an insight on how fast the claims are settled by the insurer.
  • Digit, 90.4% of the motor claims settled are within 30 days.

Different types of Car Insurance Claims

Cashless Claim

Cashless car insurance is a benefit offered by the car insurer where you don’t have to pay anything to get your car repaired if the repairs are done in the insurance company’s authorized garages. At Digit, we have 6000+ garages across the country and we also offer a Pick-up, Repair and Drop service with a 6 months repair warranty.

Reimbursement Claim

Quite often we have a garage which has won our heart every time and we want to repair our car only there. For such situations, we offer you a reimbursement, once you've sent us all the invoices of the repairs done during the claim.

How to Claim Car Insurance

Documents required for Car Insurance Claim

Some Situations where your Car Insurance Claim might get Rejected

  • Damage due to drunk driving
  • Driving without a valid driving license
  • Driving with a learner’s license and without a valid driving license holder in the passenger’s seat
  • Damage which is not a direct result of an accident
  • Damage due to contributory negligence
  • No proof of accident given
  • False proofs provided
  • The claim was filed too late

Car Insurance claims can be a breeze, if you have opted for the right insurance company. So, choose wisely.😊

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