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Passenger Cover in Car Insurance Explained

One of the principal concerns of a driver while plying on Indian roads is the risk of accidents. Around 17 people in the country lose their lives due to such on-road mishaps every hour. This is a troubling number, especially for those who drive their vehicles daily. (1)

Often, when your car is involved in such disasters, it affects not just you, the driver, but your passengers as well.

That is why car insurance providers offer passenger cover as an add-on within their car insurance policies. As a policyholder, you need to pay an additional premium to buy this add-on with your comprehensive car insurance plan.

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What is a Passenger Cover?

Inclusions and Exclusions of Passenger Cover Add-On

The following table should aid in understanding the kind of protection a passenger cover add-on provides to people riding your car.



Covers the cost incurred by your vehicle’s occupants for medical treatment after accidents.

Does not provide financial assistance to passengers if they step out of the car during the accident.

Provides disability liability cover to your vehicle passengers.

Does not cover beyond three passengers in a car. Any additional passenger needs to bear their financial liability during accidents.

Offers financial assistance in the event of death of a passenger due to the car accident.


Make sure you speak to the insurer regarding additional inclusions/exclusions of the passenger cover.

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Reasons why Buying Passenger Cover is Beneficial

FAQs about Passneger Cover in Car Insurance