Daily Allowance Benefit Add-on Cover

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What is Daily Allowance Benefit Add-on Cover in Car Insurance?

Why is Daily Conveyance Benefit a critical Add-on Cover?

What is covered under Digit’s Car Insurance Daily Conveyance Add-on Cover?

Get Paid a Fixed Allowance Per Day

The car key replacement add-on cover enables the insurer to get compensation for the cost incurred as part of the lost key cover of the vehicle’s key in case of theft or burglary or accidental loss during the policy period. However, the policyholder shall report the theft or burglary  immediately or within three days of the incident and lodge an FIR with the police to obtain a crime reference and lost property report.

A Standby Car for Your Transport

You can also be provided with an alternate vehicle for your daily commute during the period when the damage is being repaired. 

Coupons From Well-Known Taxi Operators

Another benefit is getting vouchers from Ola and Uber for an amount equal to the daily fixed allowance.

What is not covered?

FAQs About Daily Allowance Benefit Add-on Cover in Car Insurance