Everything about the Guaranteed Returns Plan

What is Guaranteed Returns Plan?

How Does Guaranteed Returns Plan Work?

Why Invest in Guaranteed Returns Plan?

Investing in a Guaranteed Returns Plan offers a host of benefits that align particularly well with risk-averse investors. This plan provides an attractive balance between risk and reward, assuring a guaranteed sum at maturity.

Here are some of the top reasons to buy a guaranteed returns plan:  

To Meet Future Financial Goals

Whether it's funding your child's education, purchasing a dream home or embarking on a memorable retirement journey, the consistent and assured returns of this plan serve as a robust foundation to achieve these future milestones. The certainty of returns ensures that your goals remain firmly within your grasp, allowing you to plan with confidence and chart a stable path towards your envisioned future.

To Provide Coverage to Your Family

Life's unpredictability highlights the necessity for comprehensive financial protection for your loved ones. A Guaranteed Returns Plan not only offers you a secure avenue for wealth creation but also acts as a safety net for your family's well-being. In the unfortunate event of your absence, the death benefit ensures that your family is financially protected.

To Safeguard Your Corpus

Amidst economic fluctuations and market uncertainties, a Guaranteed Returns Plan stands as a devoted guardian of your hard-earned money. The predictable and fixed returns not only preserve your initial investment but also compound it over time.

Why Guaranteed Returns Plan is More Reliable?

Benefits of Guaranteed Returns Plan

Investing in a Guaranteed Return Investment Plan is your step towards building a solid financial foundation. 

Let’s see the key steps to take while buying a Guaranteed Returns Plan:

Understand Your Goals

Before getting to the buying process, clearly define your financial goals. Whether you're planning for your child's higher education, your retirement, or just for an assured investment, a well-defined financial goal better guides your buying decision. 

Decide Your Coverage

Evaluate the coverage amount you require to fulfil your financial objectives. Consider factors such as inflation, lifestyle needs, and existing insurance coverage to arrive at an optimal coverage amount.

Compare Plans

Check Out Plans with Optimal Benefits and High Coverage. Explore the array of Guaranteed Return Investment Plans available in the market. Look for plans that not only offer attractive guaranteed returns but also provide high coverage to ensure financial protection. Also, check if you can add riders and enhance your coverage or customise your plan. 

Complete the Formalities

Once you've identified the ideal Guaranteed Return Investment Plan, gather all necessary documents. Ensure that you meet the plan's eligibility criteria and complete the required formalities.

Buy the Plan

With your documentation in place, initiate the application process as per your insurance provider. Ensure that you carefully review the terms and conditions before finalizing the purchase.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Guaranteed Returns Plan

Who Should Buy Guaranteed Return Investment Plans?

Guaranteed Return Investment Plans hold immense appeal across various life stages and financial profiles. These plans cater to a diverse range of individuals seeking an assured avenue for wealth creation and protection. 

While anyone who fulfils the criteria can buy a guaranteed return plan, the following customer segments are most suited for the same: 


For parents, ensuring a secure future for their children is a paramount concern. Guaranteed Return Investment Plans serve as an ideal option to build a corpus that can be utilized for a child's education, higher studies, or other essential needs. 

Young Professionals

Young professionals who have just embarked on their professional journey should consider investing in Guaranteed Return Investment Plans to establish a solid financial foundation. They have more time for their long-term goals and hence more tenure for compounding of returns. 

Newly Weds

Newlyweds have some financial aspirations that can be well met with a guaranteed returns plan. These plans provide a structured approach to building wealth, ensuring that financial goals such as buying a home, starting a family, or traveling the world are well within reach.

Working Women

Working women play multifaceted roles and often juggle various responsibilities. Guaranteed Return Investment Plans offer them a reliable means to manage their finances efficiently. These plans provide a balanced blend of growth and protection, empowering working women to secure their financial independence and pursue their aspirations with confidence.


Guaranteed Return Plans offer double tax benefit. Their premium is exempt under 80C tax deduction and the payout falls under 10 (10D) and is exempt as per the prevailing tax laws.  

FAQs about Guaranteed Returns Plan

Can a Guaranteed Returns Plan be Surrendered Before Maturity?

Yes, most plans allow policyholders to surrender the policy, subject to terms and conditions. However, in most cases, your return might be less than even your investment. 

Is the Maturity Amount Guaranteed in a Guaranteed Returns Plan?

Yes, the maturity amount is predetermined and guaranteed, ensuring a fixed payout.

Are Guaranteed Returns Plans Suitable for Retirement Planning?

Yes, since guaranteed return plans offer assured return, they are a perfect choice for building a retirement corpus.

Can I Take a Loan Against a Guaranteed Returns Plan?

Owing to their assured return, most guaranteed return plans offer loan facilities, providing you funds in times of need.

Is the Premium Amount Fixed Throughout the Policy Tenure?

Yes, premium amounts remain constant during the policy term, ensuring financial predictability.