Top Ways on How to Earn Money in Childhood

9 Ways to Make Money in Childhood

9 Online Ways to Earn Money as a Kid

When Should You Start Teaching Kids About Money?

What are the Benefits of Teaching Your Kids About Money?

How Money Can Be Used for Your Kid's Future?

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FAQs About Making Money as a Kid

How can I make my child understand the value of money? up-arrow

There are numerous ways through which you can make your child understand the value of money, like:

  • By giving your child a piggy bank
  • Encouraging them to plan their budget and how they will spend their income
  • Introduce them to the banking system
  • Asking them to pay in cash
  • Allowing them to shop on their own.

How can a 10 year old make money? up-arrow

A 10-year old can make money by doing some simplified tasks for others which include paid surveys, folding laundry, loading the dishwasher, selling items on Etsy, cleaning windows, Amazon publishing, etc.

How are children earning money fast in India? up-arrow

In India, most children earn money faster by doing freelancing work, tutoring, maintaining a YouTube channel and selling their art collection.

How can a 12-year old make money fast? up-arrow

Here are some ways following which a 12 year old can make money faster:

  • Selling handmade items online
  • Selling old belongings
  • Doing household chores
  • Washing neighbour’s cars
  • Doing paid online surveys.