Riders in Term Insurance Plan in India

What are Term Insurance Riders?

What are the Different Types of Term Insurance Riders?

Why Should You Purchase Riders in Term Insurance?

How to Choose the Best Term Insurance Plan with Riders?

Things to Remember Before Buying a Term Plan with Riders

FAQs about Term Insurance Riders

Can I add term insurance riders to any type of term insurance policy? up-arrow

No, not all term insurance policies allow riders. You must first check with your insurance provider to see which riders are available under the product.

How much additional premium amount do I have to pay for term riders in life insurance? up-arrow

The premium cost of term riders depends on the type of rider and the coverage amount. It will be added to your basic policy premium.

Do term insurance riders have a duration? up-arrow

Term insurance riders may have a specific duration or may be valid for the entire policy term. You must check such details with your insurance provider before purchasing one. 

Can I add term rider to my policy after purchasing it? up-arrow

Generally, you can add a term rider to your policy at the time of purchasing it, but you may also add it at the time of renewal.

Can I terminate the term riders at any time? up-arrow

Yes, you can terminate the term insurance riders at any time. However, the payout at the time of maturity depends on the terms and conditions of the rider.