What Is Hyperinflation: Meaning Causes and Effects

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What Are the Causes of Hyperinflation?

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FAQs on Hyperinflation

What should I own during hyperinflation?

Experts recommend that you put your money in the forms of cash, short-term bonds, stocks, real estate, and gold, during hyperinflation.

How is hyperinflation measured?

The increase in the general price level of goods and services can measure hyperinflation. This is typically measured by the consumer price index (CPI) or the producer price index (PPI).

Can hyperinflation be resolved once it occurs?

Yes, hyperinflation can be resolved, but it can be difficult and may require significant sacrifices from the population. Governments and central banks can take several steps to deal with hyperinflation, including implementing fiscal and monetary policies, reducing government spending, and implementing structural economic reforms.