Which Medical Tests Required for Buying a Term Insurance Plan?

Which Medical Tests Are Required for a Term Insurance Plan?

How are Medical Tests for Term Insurance Conducted?

Why Do Insurers Conduct Medical Tests and Check-Ups for Term Insurance Plans?

How Do Medical Test Results Influence Term Insurance Factors?

FAQs about Medical Tests Requirement for Term Insurance

Can I purchase term insurance plans without medical tests?

Yes, there are some insurance companies that let customers buy term insurance plans without the medical test results. However, in most of the cases, customers can get coverage up to a limited amount, as per the terms and conditions of the plan.

Is it necessary to disclose lifestyle habits in addition to medical reports to the term insurance provider?

Yes, while purchasing a term insurance policy, you should ideally mention your lifestyle habits along with your medical reports. For example, you need to disclose to your insurance provider whether you are a chain smoker or you abuse alcohol, etc. Otherwise, if these lifestyle habits lead to your demise, the insurance company may reject your claim for the death benefit.

What is a video medical check-up in a term insurance plan?

It was not possible for insurance companies to perform traditional medical check-ups during the COVID-19 pandemic period due to the risk of transmitting the disease. This is why they initiated video and telephone-enabled medical check-ups. In this process, doctors will interrogate customers about their existing medical conditions. Then, based on the report, insurers will make risk assessments and proceed with the subsequent procedures.

Does a term insurance policy extend coverage for the death caused due to critical illnesses?

The nominee will not get any policy benefits in case the insured individual dies due to critical illnesses. However, if they purchase the critical illness rider on top of the base term insurance plan, their nominee will be able to get policy benefits under such circumstances.