How to Change A Minor Bank Account to a Major Account?

How to Convert a Minor Bank Account to a Major Bank Account?

What Is the Importance of Changing Bank Account Status from Minor to Major?

How to Change the Status from Minor to Major?

What Is the Importance of Minor to Major Bank Account Letter?

Sample Letter Format for Changing Minor Account to Major

FAQs on Converting Minor Account to Major Account

How many days does it take to convert a minor account to a major account?

After you submit all the documents and complete other related procedures, the bank will immediately start the process of converting your minor account to major. However, the exact number of days may vary across different banks. Many financial institutions will do it on the same day, whereas some may take between 1-3 weeks.

What will happen to my ATM card after changing from a minor bank account to major?

Many banks issue ATM and debit cards only to regular accounts. However, if your bank has a debit and ATM card facility for minor accounts, you will receive new ones after conversion.

Which documents are required to complete KYC for changing the status of a minor account to major?


Following is a list of documents that are needed to change the status of the minor account to a normal account-

  • KYC application form
  • Account opening form
  • Copy of PAN (self-attested)
  • Address proof (self-attested)
  • Updated proof of bank account details
  • Latest photograph (stamp/passport size)

Apart from these standard documents, banks may ask to submit additional proofs such as birth certificate, Aadhaar card, etc., as per their policies and requirements.