What is Fund Value in ULIP and How to Calculate it?

What Is Fund Value in ULIP?

How to Calculate Fund Value in ULIP?

How Can I Check ULIP Fund Value?

Why Is Fund Value in ULIP Important?

Why Should You Check the Fund Value in ULIP When Investing?

FAQs about Fund Value in ULIP

What is a ULIP fund value calculator?

It is an online tool which an intending customer can use to understand the expected maturity benefit before choosing a fund in ULIP. For this, they just need to enter their personal details, premium amount, the policy period, payment frequency and choose a fund.

What happens to the fund value in ULIP after it matures?

After the ULIP matures, you can raise your claim to your fund value from your insurance company. To get the amount, you will have to intimate your insurer, apply for the claim and submit all the necessary documents.

How can I calculate returns on my fund value in ULIP?

To calculate the returns, you will have to first subtract your initial NAV from your present NAV. Then, you will have to divide the result with your initial NAV. Following this, you need to multiply the results obtained after division with 100 to get the percentage of your returns. So, Returns = [(Present NAV - Initial NAV)/Initial NAV] x 100.

What is the difference between fund value and sum assured?

Sum assured value is the minimum guaranteed death benefit of a policy. On the other hand, fund value is the total value of the number of units held by policyholders at a given point in time. Fund value refers to the multiplication of number units with the net asset value of a unit at a given time.