What is Terminal Illness and What are the Diseases Listed Under It?

What is a Terminal Illness?

List of Terminal Illnesses Covered in Term Insurance

How are Terminal Illnesses Covered in a Term Plan?

What is Terminal Illness Cover?

Why is Terminal Illness Cover Important?

FAQs about Terminal Illness

What is the disadvantage of terminal illness cover?

The main disadvantage of terminal illness cover is that once you raise a claim, it expires. Hence, you will not be able to raise a claim only a single time during the entire term of the policy.

Who should opt for terminal illness cover?

The cover is ideal for people suffering from a terminal illness who want to financially secure their family members after their untimely demise.

What is not included under terminal illness cover?


The following are not included in a terminal illness cover:


1. Self-inflicted injuries



2. Congenital diseases



3. Not citing proper reasons to seek timely medical treatment



4. Being a part of criminal activities



5. Pre-existing medical conditions


What is the age limit for this cover?

Age of the insured person must be between 18 and 65 years. However, the maximum maturity age can be 70 years.

What are the essential documents required to apply for terminal illness cover?


The essential documents required for this cover are as follows:

1. Original policy documents

2. ID and address proof of policyholder 

3. Medical reports

4. Bank account details

5. Prescription of attending doctor