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Who should buy Health Insurance?

  • Realistically speaking, everyone needs to have Health Insurance, for ailments of sorts can strike without a warning.
  • But in India, Health Insurance is still hugely under-penetrated, and even more than that people are under-covered i.e. they don’t have enough coverage.
  • Our endeavour is to make sure the importance of Health Insurance is understood, and people are empowered to choose the Health Insurance plan that is appropriate for them and covers them fully.

What is Covered in Health Insurance?

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Accidental Hospitalization

  • In case of an accident, this benefit covers costs like Ambulance, Day care procedures, Pre-hospitalization and Post-hospitalization expenses that includes ICU, Medication, OT, Physician Fees, Diagnostics and more.
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Accidental & Illness Hospitalization

  • In case of an illness which requires the patient to be hospitalized, this benefit covers the Hospitalization and Treatment expenses.

Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses

  • These are expenses one incurs before and after hospitalization. These could include X-rays, Scans, Medicines etc..

Maternity Benefit

  • This takes care of the hospitalization and related expenses when a mother-to-be is admitted to the hospital for delivery. It also covers expenses in case of any unfortunate scenario that requires treatments related to any complication of pregnancy or medically necessary termination.

Out-patient (OPD) Benefit

  • Even without hospitalization, expenses like Doctor’s Consultation fees, Health Check-ups, Pharmacy Bills, Dental Treatment, Diagnostic Tests, etc. are all covered under this. But this benefit may or may not be available with all insurance companies or plans.

Home (domiciliary) Hospitalization

  • This covers medical expenses for any illness or injury requiring medical treatment taken at home, which would otherwise have required hospitalization.

Critical Illness Cover

  • If opted for as an add-on or a part of the plan, this covers hospital expenses in case of critical illness such as Cancer.. This may include medication, diagnostics, ICU, physician fees etc.

Daily Hospital Cash Cover

  • Getting admitted in the hospital, results in expenses beyond the hospital bill. And this cover helps you manage those daily expenses.

Other Benefits

  • New age policies also have covers like Alternate Treatment (AYUSH), Organ Donation, Infertility Treatment, Long Hospitalization Cash Benefit. These have evolved over time with the changing lifestyles of people.

What's Not Covered

While the exclusions vary for different companies and Health Insurance plans offered, there are some common exclusions:

Pre-natal and post-natal medical expenses are not covered unless leading to your hospitalization.
In case of a pre-existing disease, unless the waiting period is over, the claim for that particular disease or illness cannot be made.
If you haven’t taken the out-patient-benefit, any treatment taken without hospitalization won’t be covered.
Any condition you get hospitalized for that doesn’t match with the doctor’s prescription, is not covered.
Your policy lapses once you’ve made a claim under critical illness benefit cover.

What should you look for in a Health Insurance policy?

Right Sum Insured

  • Don’t buy Health Insurance for tax-saving. Buy it for actually being financially covered in bad times.
  • Choose your Sum Insured based on your age, life stage, family members, dependents, income and your medical history. These factors will help decide the amount you may require in case of an emergency.
  • You can make multiple claims for the same cause in one year, up to the total sum insured (except critical illnesses).

Benefits & Addons

  • Critical Illness addon is one such addon that people ignore often, get that in your plan!
  • Don’t be wooed by fancy benefits. Look for real ones like Restoration Benefit, No Capping on Room Rent, No Claim Bonus

Claims Process

  • Look at the policy’s claim terms & conditions and process. If claims are not smooth, what’s the point of a Health Insurance?

Health Insurance Buying Tips

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For Youngsters

  • Get an insurance early in life.
  • Go in for a higher sum insured as it increases the amount you have in case of an Accidental Hospitalization. 5-10 lakhs should be fine.
  • Make sure you have a Critical Illness Cover included.
  • If you plan to have a family in the future, choose a Maternity Benefit so that your waiting period is over in time.
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For Families

  • Insure all members of the family.
  • Go in for a high sum-insured as it is distributed between all family members, you can keep 10 lakh per person and calculate the sum insured.
  • If you have a floater plan, go in for a plan with Restoration Benefit
  • Check the waiting periods for all benefits being offered.
  • If you’re planning to insure your parents, check if it has common treatments like Knee Replacement, Cataract Surgery covered.
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For Seniors

  • With age the insurance premium goes up. So, if you already have a plan, you can increase its sum insured with a top-up plan.
  • Make sure you check the kind of hospital tie-ups and service tie-ups your insurer is providing you.
  • Check if the plan you’re getting has common treatments like Knee Replacement, cataract surgery covered.
  • Check the sub-limits of the benefits being offered.
  • Check the waiting period mentioned for different pre-existing diseases.

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