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Difference between Moratorium and Full Medical Underwriting

What is Moratorium Period in Health Insurance?

What is Full Medical Underwriting?

What is the Difference between Moratorium and Full Medical Underwriting

Let’s check out the striking differences between Moratorium and Full Medical Underwriting

Differentiating Factor


Full Medical Underwriting

Medical History

You are not required to declare any pre-existing conditions while applying.

You must complete a comprehensive questionnaire stating your pre-existing diseases, if any. 

Waiting Period

You are not covered for up to two years for any pre-existing illnesses that you might have been suffering from 5 years before taking the policy. 

Pre-existing conditions mostly aren’t covered for a certain waiting period. However, it differs among companies, and the coverage extent or situations may vary. 

Claim Settlement Process

Since the insurance provider has never asked for your previous medical history, every time you make a claim, the company assesses your medical history before making a decision. Hence the claim settlement might take longer. 

Your insurance provider has already done the complete pre-existing assessment exercise at the time of application. Hence the claims process is much smoother and faster as compared to the moratorium process. 

Is the Moratorium Underwriting option Better?

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