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Things to Consider When Buying Health Insurance for Disabled People in India

How Is Disability Determined in Health Insurance?

Important Things to Consider When Buying Health Insurance for Disabled Individuals

How to Look for Health Insurance for Disabled Persons?

Government-Sponsored Health Insurance Policies for Disabled Individuals

Here is how the two policies compare:


Nirmalya Health Insurance

Swavalamban Health Insurance

Age Limit

No age limits

18-65 years


Must be enrolled with The National Trust

Family income less than ₹3 Lakh per annum

Sum Insured

₹1 Lakh coverage

₹2 Lakh coverage

Coverage Limits

Includes limits for: OPD expenses: ₹14,500, Ongoing therapy: ₹10,000, Alternative medicines: ₹4,500, Transportation costs: ₹1,000

Covers disabled person, spouse, and two children


₹250 (If family income is less than ₹15,000), ₹500 (If family Income is more than ₹15,000)

₹3,100 (only 10% to be collected from the insured)

Documents Required

Valid disability certificate

Disability certificate, Proposal form, Receipt of premium payment, Income certificate, Identity proof

How to Determine Your Eligibility for Health Insurance?