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Vehicle Registration Transfer: Within State and Interstate

Vehicle Registration Transfer – What Does it Mean?

When you sell your car or any other vehicle registered under your name, the law mandates you to transfer the ownership of your vehicle to the buyer’s name. This process, commonly known as RC transfer is crucial since it makes sure that the vehicle, alongside all its legal liabilities, are transferred to its new owner.

There is a set procedure that needs to be followed for vehicle registration transfer from one person to another. 

However, hold on!

There are different circumstances under which this vehicle RC transfer might happen. These can be illustrated in the table below:



Transfer if the vehicle is purchased by someone else

Here, the name of the new buyer is added to RC as the vehicle’s owner, instead of its previous owner.

Transfer in case of death of the registered owner

● The legal heir has to inform the registering authority about his/her intention about the vehicle within 30 days of owner’s demise. ● The legal heir can utilise this vehicle for a maximum period of 3 months without getting it registered to their name.

Transfer of the vehicle in an auction

During an auction, the name of previous owner is replaced by new owner in registration certificate.

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