Traffic Fines in Gujarat

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All about Gujarat Traffic Fines

Gujarat Traffic Police Challan List


Reduced Fines by Gujarat Govt.

Traffic Fines (as Implemented on 1st Sept-19)

Riding Two wheeler without a helmet



Driving a four-wheeler without a seatbelt



Over-loading Two wheeler



Talking on the phone while driving a vehicle

₹500 (first-time offenders) & ₹1000 (subsequent offenders)

₹500 (first-time offenders) & ₹1000 (subsequent offenders)

Driving on the wrong side

₹1500 (three-wheelers) | ₹3000 (light motor vehicles) | ₹5000 (heavy vehicles) *All rates apply for first-time offenders

₹5000 for first-time offenders & ₹10,000 for a repeated offence

Not possessing an appropriate driving license

₹2000 (two wheeler vehicles) | ₹3000 (for three/four wheelers)


Driving unregistered vehicles

₹1000 (bike/ scooty) | ₹2000 (three-wheelers) | ₹3000 (four-wheelers) | ₹5000 (bigger vehicles such as bus, truck, etc.)


Obstructing emergency vehicles such as ambulance



Breach in stipulated pollution norms

₹1,000 (light weight two wheelers) | ₹3,000 (other vehicles)


The revised traffic challan rates in Gujarat have been in effect from 16th September 2019. Nonetheless, several fines remained fixed as per the revised rates published by the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, as it is levied in adverse situations, threatening the safety of the respective vehicle and pedestrians on streets.

Traffic Fines in Gujarat that remains Unchanged


Traffic Penalties as per Amended MV Act.

Drunk driving

₹10,000 and/or 6 months prison | ₹15,000 and/or 2 years jail for repetitive violation.

A registered vehicle being driven by a minor

● ₹25000 along with prison sentence for 3 years ● Deregistration of such vehicle for 1 year ● Such minor is deemed ineligible for the acquisition of a driving licence before he/she attains the age of 25

Disregarding traffic lights

₹1,000- ₹5,000 and/or 6-months to 1 year in prison, licence seizure

Why Did the Gujarat Government Reduce the Traffic Fines?