How to get a Temporary Registration Number in India

What is a temporary registration number?

How to get a temporary vehicle registration number?

What are the documents for a temporary registration number?

How to extend the temporary registration number of a vehicle?

What are the documents required for extending a temporary registration number?

What is the procedure for downloading the temporary registration form online?

What are the fees for getting a temporary registration number?

The temporary registration charges in India vary from one state to another. Below are the state-wise costs of temporary registration for different categories of vehicles.


Fees of Temporary Registration Number

Tamil Nadu

Two-wheeler – Rs.100 Service Charge + Rs.40, Four-wheeler - Rs.100 Service Charge + Rs.40, Transport vehicle- Rs.100 Service Charge + Rs.40

Madhya Pradesh

Two-wheeler – Rs.50, Four-wheeler - Rs.50, Transport vehicle - Rs.50

Andhra Pradesh

Two-wheeler – Rs.150, Four-wheeler – Rs.300, Transport vehicle – Rs.500


Two-wheeler – Rs.50 Service Charge + Rs.100, Four-wheeler - Rs.50 Service Charge + Rs.100, Transport vehicle- Rs.50 Service Charge + Rs.100


Two-wheeler - Rs.50, Four-wheeler - Rs.50, Transport Vehicle- Rs.50


Two-wheeler – Rs.200, Four-wheeler – Rs.200, Transport Vehicle- Rs.500

Evidently, the temporary registration charges for two-wheelers and four-wheelers tend to be identical. Though the dealer conducts all the paperwork related to the temporary registration number, you must be well aware of the application process, extension norms, and the fees for completing the whole task.

On a different note, the Government of India is getting stricter day by day and launching new rules to ensure uniformity and transparency in transportation and related activities. Hence, you must stay updated on the new rules regarding both temporary registration numbers and types of registration plates to avoid hefty penalties.

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